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Vienna Rose was born in Muskogee Oklahoma and is a Taurus. For Vienna, growing up in Oklahoma was a lot of fun as she felt like she had all the room in the world to run and play whereas being in a big city couldn't grant her the same freedoms. Being so close to nature she was able to gain a new-found appreciation for mother nature's true beauty and the simplicities in life. She didn't have a religious background but the one time her parents sent her to church where she talked about how much she loved Harry Potter. When she returned the following week, they had a sermon on how wizardry is for the devil and a result her parents pulled her out there. She was a good mixture of both prude and promiscuous as a teen. She would lie about doing stuff with boys because she wanted them to know she was one of the cool kids. Being horny at that age she wanted boys to know she was thinking about sex. Prior to joining the adult industry, she wanted to be in the marines but had a tattoo on the back of her neck whereas they wouldn't let her in until she removed it. Not wanting to spend the money since tattoo removal is very expensive, she opted out. Her start in the business happened in an ironic way because at first, she actually hated sex work and thought it was demeaning. She soon realized that her hate was actually envy for the sexual freedom these women had. She put out a resume on sexy jobs and within a day or two she already had her plane ticket booked to LA to start shooting. Her favorite movie is Harry Potter despite the fact that it seems to be such an annoying fad these days. She remembers the exact moment she saw the "magic" on tv and was mesmerized as she had never seen anything so enchanting. As a fan of the Horror/thriller movies genre, she loves how it can keep her on the edge of her seat just wondering what might happen. She also loves gore and seeing that look of fear on people's faces. Her three top preoccupations when she's not on set are cleaning her apartment, yoga, and smoking lots of cannabis. Her experience shooting a scene for PureTaboo was incredible. She doesn't think she could put it into words how absolutely thrilled she was when she found out she was going to be in a feature. She goes on to explain that "Bree and her team can take things to that dark side and do some crazy stuff that others would call questionable". Asked how she felt the nature of Pure Taboo will affect society she feels it's kind of a tough one to answer. With the metoo movement, it's very important for society and those of us who have sex to understand the meaning of consent, but she doesn't think it's the responsibility of people making the movies to educate society. She's luckily never been caught doing something taboo, but she's masturbated just about everywhere, even once when she was lifeguarding.