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Ryan Keely was born in Seattle, WA and is a Cancer. She grew up in a rainy town and came from a religious background. She says she's a "recovering Catholic" and if she actually believed in God, she'd worship Satan. She was promiscuous as a teen and when asked about her wildest non-sexual encounters, she jokingly responded that her lawyer has advised her to refrain from commenting at this time. Before starting her career in the adult industry, she considered going into politics. Her first job was at an adult novelty store. She loved helping people find the right sex toy or movie as she enjoys facilitating orgasms. Her favorite movie is Shampoo. She finds it both glamorous and sad. A fan of horror films, she says she's a big sissy and loves a good scare. When she's not filming on set, she loves a good nap, playing with her cats and eating a nice snack. Ryan is looking forward to doing some sex scenes for Pure Taboo as the acting process has been creatively engrossing. When asked about how the nature of Pure Taboo will affect society, she said that she believes pornography is more of a reflection of society than an influence.