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Quinn Wilde was born in Denver Colorado. It was simple growing up, and she boasts having a really great childhood. Her family raised her to believe in what she wanted to, even though her mother put her in Cristian and catholic schools early on. She eventually went to public schools. In high school she began sneaking out to see a boy she liked, that's where it all started, but they remain good friends and laugh about their experiences to this day. She embraced her promiscuity as she grew into a woman, sharing her body with guys and gals alike. She apologizes to her mom a lot for the crazy stuff she put her through. Quinn grew up wanting to be an actress, she was in drama and theatre through school, so when she was asked to be in porn by a customer from her waiting job, she had to think hard, but eventually took up the offer. Her thing is scary movies, she loves being unexpectedly scared. She's a purist, as her favorite horror/thriller movie is The Exorcist. She reads up on all the crazy things that happened on set during filming. Quinn thinks that Pure Taboo is going to change the adult industry by bringing real acting top porn. She's excited to shock and arouses her audiences, not like they find on other sites.