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Donnie Rock's Biography :

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, 37-year-old Donnie Rock always was a very cool guy. After losing his virginity, he "got laid a TON" and hasn't slowed down since. Rock estimates sleeping with two hundred girls before getting started in porn. Rock was an athlete in college, and a world level athlete after graduation. He got started in the business through

Rock's wildest sexual encounter started off at the airport bar. He was heading to an annual country music festival, and chatting with a girl who was on the same flight. After a few drinks, they board the plane and had another drink in the air. He talked her into following him to the lavatory where he banged her for about 5 minutes. The flight attendant knocked on the door and told them to hurry up.

If trapped on a deserted island, Rock would be request a vagina, some water, and a genie lamp, "so I could keep getting things I need." His only fears are skunks and electricity.

Rock's three favorite books are Ron Jeremy: The Hardest Working Man In Showbiz, Outliers, and Donnie Brasco. His favorite movie is Full Metal Jacket. Not a fan of Horror/thriller movies, Rock finds them too fake. His three top preoccupations off-set are working out, making furniture, and Twitter.

When asked about his parent's receptivity to his career choice, Rock says, "My parents are cool. They both know, and so does my sister. Everyone is cool with it. My parents think I walk on water. My mom went to catholic elementary school. They divorced as I was graduating college, after 32 years of marriage."

Rock admits to being arrested for assault (bar fight, charges were dropped), and DUI, "Dumb, dumb, dumb #Uber #Lyft."