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Born in Chicago Heights in 1996, Cadey Mercury's early life was always an adventure. She comes from a religious background, and shared her shame about it with us. When she lost her virginity "My boyfriend and I went to his friend's house and used his room because my boyfriend's parents were home but his friends parents weren't and after we had sex his friend freaked out because there was cum on the bed and was running around the house with the sheets then threw them away." She has always been keenly interested in porn, even while everyone else thought she was a prude. Maybe because of her family or background. Before her interest in porn led her to Pure Taboo, she was asked by a talent scout on a dating app if she wanted to do porn, and jumped to the occasion to star in the films she's so addictively consumed. She was interested in Cosmetology which remains one of her biggest hobbies, but perhaps surprisingly she toyed with the idea of becoming a Mechanic. Her favorite movie is Rocky Horror Picture Show, even though her taste in horror films trend towards her knack for being scared. Her experience on set for Pure Taboo left her surprised at how different and dark the story was while allowing her to access her acting chops. Her first scene "The Babysitting Job" was different because "it's thrilling and grabs your attention." Her personal brush with the taboo came in the form of getting caught fucking her step cousin.