Adult Time

Trailer Park Taboo - Part 1

Existence is an Imperfection

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Video Description: Winner XBIZ Best Sex Scene -- Feature Movie Kenzie Reeves & Small Hands

Scene opens to Kenzie Reeves lying on her bed, chest down, smoking a cigarette. She glares out the window as her brother Jack (Small Hands) reads a book on the living room couch. When she offers Jack a cigarette, he refuses, reminding her that he quit. She gets up from the bed and approaches the couch, telling him that he could just have one. He reminds her that people who quit tend to no longer smoke. When she confronts him as to why he's reading books all of a sudden, he gets visibly annoyed. 'I'm trying to better myself,' he retorts. When she tells him about all the good times they used to have getting trashed together, he shakes his head in bewilderment stating that that was almost a decade ago. She ashes her cigarette and it lands right in his book. Jack yells at her, telling her his schooling is important to him. But Kenzie is bored and doesn't care about her stepbrother's scholastic endeavors. She wants to kill some time and starts seducing him. He tells her to get lost but it's clear that Kenzie isn't going to let up. She gets on her knees and starts running her hand up his leg. Jack tells her that what they did in the past was a mistake; they were young and confused and didn't know any better. Kenzie starts jerking him off and Jack can't help but put his book down. He tells her that this is going to be the last time. She nods eagerly, desperate to feel his touch as he grabs her head and starts kissing her. He pulls down his shorts and shoves his cock deep down her throat. She chokes on it and gags taking it all in at once. He holds her hair and pushes her down on his dick as she swallows him whole. She takes both of his balls in her mouth as he slaps his dick on her face. When he gets up, he face fucks her, grabbing her by the throat and asking if she likes it. She nods as he picks her up and throws her on the bed. He removes her panties as she waits eagerly for his dick. He slaps her face as he shoves his cock inside her, asking her if this what she wants. She says yes as he pounds her cunt ramming her with every thrust. As she rides his dick, she makes sure he cums inside of her. He lies down instantly regretting the whole thing.

Scene cuts to Jack sitting up on the bed with a look of desperation on his face. His life needs to change and in order to do so, he needs to stop repeating old patterns. He tells Kenzie that he needs to leave this trailer park or he's gonna end up stuck there like everybody else. She smiles, telling him that she'll go anywhere he wants to go. He shakes his head in disbelief, explaining that wherever he ends up, he's going alone. She pulls him down to the bed, saying that they should get some rest. Jack is wide awake thinking about his life and what he needs to do. He can't go on like this and has to make a decision. He gets up and packs some things and leaves the house. When Kenzie comes to, she calls out to Jack but gets no answer. When she turns around, she realizes that he's gone. She calls his name in a panic as the scene cuts to Jack walking outside. He looks tormented and directionless. As he glances back at his former life, he struts to the car, opens the door angrily and drives away.

Scene opens to Jack lounging in his car with his legs lying out the window. We see Joanna Angel in the distance walking towards the car. She looks ahead wondering who's inside the car and what they're up to. She walks towards it and knocks on the hood, waking Jack up in the process. He recognizes his classmate and greets her. When she asks him why he's napping in his car, he tells her that he wanted a good parking spot. They laugh as she offers to wait for him so they can walk to class together. When she offers him a coffee, he can't resist a free cup of Joe. He enthusiastically grabs his things and joins her.

Scene cuts back to Kenzie frantically searching through a makeup bag. She finds her birth control kit and sits down on the toilet. She waits for the appropriate time to pass and looks at the results. When she realizes she's not pregnant, she screams in agony begging the silence for a baby. She knows that if she has Jack's child, it will push him to stay home with her. She rubs her stomach as the camera fades to black.

Scene opens with Jack anxiously writing his test. Time runs out. His teacher asks the students to leave the exams on her desk. She then says that before they leave, she'd like to conclude the class with a sharing session. Joanna volunteers first, speaking honestly about how her parents laid out a path that has never served her and how she's been struggling and continues to struggle with making her life hers once and for all. Jack raises his hand and, with a defeated look in his eyes, confesses how his free will has worked against him, despite his best intentions. The teacher steps in, stating that it looks like he's getting ahead of the curriculum as they will be covering these very same topics next week. The class ends as Joanna asks Jack what time his next class is. When he responds that he has quite some time till the next one, she invites him back to her apartment, adding that it's not much but certainly more comfortable than his car.

Scene opens to Joanna and Jack making out as they lean against the kitchen counter. They stop for a moment and confess their feelings for each other as they embrace more passionately than before. As Jack runs his hands over her chest, Joanna runs her hands through his hair. He pulls up her skirt and starts eating her wet pussy. As he devours her, she cums all over his face. He gets up and unbuttons his shirt when she stops him to confess something. She stutters trying to get the words out, then finally tells him her big secret...she's a virgin. Jack is stunned and can't believe his ears. He tells her that he likes her and can wait if she wants to, but Joanna wants him now. She suggests he fuck her ass instead. He doesn't presume to understand her logic but will fuck her ass nonetheless. She leads him to the living room and takes off her panties. She gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick, deep throating it in the process. She makes sure it's nice and wet so it can slide perfectly into her ass. When she climbs on top of him, he starts thrusting himself in and out of her ass, pounding Joanna in the process. He fucks her missionary as he chokes her and then from behind. Fucking her doggie style, he cums all over her ass.

They get dressed. Joanna hopes to see Jack soon, adding that she would really like to get to know him better. Jack laughs, saying that he's pretty certain she wouldn't. When she asks him where his next class is, she finds out that they're going in the same direction. Joana tells him to wait up so she can join him. They exit her apartment, kissing under a sunshine-filled sky.

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Karl Hungus
Gotta love a serious discussion on Existentialism smack dab in the middle of an adult film. You all need to bring Joanna back because this was hot AF. I'm not really into the whole anal thing, but her and Small Hands had me all wound up. The fact she directed and wrote. Fucking impressive. And, she's absolutely gorgeous to boot. Damn...
2018-11-26 01:05
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Too depressing for me, and the sex is too rough. Acting is spot on. I just don't like the characters they were being asked to play. Some nice anal sex. Too many tattoos on everybody.
2018-09-24 19:41
Like 1
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Well done if dark and I'm sure about to get darker. Besides, who could resist Joanna Angel playing a virgin?
2018-06-06 13:40
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Liam is my favorite in this! Lmao
2018-05-23 21:34
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Best video I watched yet. What I would give to spend a couple hours with small hands.
2018-04-17 18:32
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Well, I downloaded this scene against my better instincts and tried to watch it, but sure enough, the presence of the practically perfect Kenzie Reeves wasn't enough to offset the presence of Small Hands, whom I find about as erotic as the Andres Barba novel of the same name. First Pure Taboo download I've dispatched to the trash can.
2018-04-08 16:58
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That line, you can use my ass if you want. took me back in time.  Any woman who says something like that gets my vote. MARRY ME!  The thought and effort that went into this episode was fresh and invigorating.  A new slant on the human condition.  His world on the rise, with his fears of the snares and traps along the way.  Kenzie knows who she is/where she's at and perfectly content to be there.  Joanna life planned out by her parents looking for something of her own.I was pleased with this scene, am looking forward to see where it will go.  Was the teacher also the strange nurse from The Turning?
2018-04-07 21:35
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1 HOUR and FIFTEEN minutes of Small Dick is an hour longer than I can stomach.
2018-04-04 11:03
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I tend to agree. Still trying to decide if the presence of Kenzie Reeves in this one compensates for the presence of Small Hands, whom I find as erotic as the Andres Barba novel of the same name.
2018-04-08 16:38
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Thoughtful episode with two MF scenes both featuring Small Hands. The first with Kenzie Reeves with 20 seconds of foreplay before cock in mouth. very intense, even animalistic. No innocence here.
The second with Joanna Angel was also intense and almost affectionate.
In between were some big words relevant to the two scenes that pose the questions for the next episode; Who will win Small Hands, the girl desperate to have a baby? The girl who is not?  Can Tommy Pistol keep UP with Small Hands? A Turning Angel/Pure Tattoo collaboration. I think this episode will get a lot of viewings. 
2018-04-03 14:36
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Color me officially hooked on this story!! This is fantastic! What an amazing collaboration! Incredible cast and a dynamic director! I am excited to see what happens next in the upcoming episodes!!
2018-04-03 10:04
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