Adult Time

The Secretary

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Video Description: 'Anytime your boss tells you yes or no, you have to respect their decision.'


We open with the secretary (Jill Kassidy) laying on the floor with her ass up, looking sexy in her white blouse, pencil skirt, and high heels. Her fingers glide along the keys of the typewriter as she types 'YES BOSS' over and over again. In the background, her boss (Derrick Pierce) watches from his desk, hungrily admiring the view.

Once the secretary is done, she brings her boss the sheet of paper, eager for his praise. The boss calmly uncaps his pen and corrects her work. He's dissatisfied, handing her back the paper and telling her, 'Again.'

The secretary grins to herself as she hurries off.

CUT TO the secretary returning with another sheet of paper, with the handwritten words 'PLEASE BOSS' scrawled across. When the phone rings, the boss orders her to answer it while laying across his desk. As she obediently does so, he corrects her work by holding the paper against her ass. After she hangs up, he gives her the corrected paper, ordering, 'Again.'

The secretary's almost giddy at his stern tone, biting her bottom lip as she clutches the paper close to her chest.

CUT TO the secretary knocking on the boss' door. Once she's allowed in, she folds the sheet of paper and holds it in her mouth while getting down on all fours. She slowly crawls to her boss' desk, acting submissive as he stands tall before her. When he takes the paper from her mouth, we see the words 'FUCK ME BOSS, PLEASE!!' written in large, desperate letters.

Finally satisfied with her work, the secretary's wildest fantasy is about to come true as her boss orders her to bend over his desk.

'Do I go out of my way to help others?
Am I sincere in what I say and do?
Have I a good memory for names and faces?
Can I put people at their ease?
Can I take care of all my boss' needs?
Then, one day, I will be a good secretary.'

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Breath taking and beautiful.  Does it get any better(?)
2019-03-09 12:26
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I freaking love Derrick Pierce so much !  He's so dominant & so amazing at it. I'd love to let him dominate me any day
2019-03-04 18:35
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Beautiful, scorching hot, and much to my surprise, straight into my list of favorites. Watching Jill's face transform from giddy happiness into serious arousal was highly erotic. The passionate chemistry during the abundant and delicious kissing was intense. The lingerie was feminine and sexy, perfect for one of my favorite sex kittens. Jill's orgasms were multiple, intense, and beautifully displayed. Derrick's domination of his more than willing secretary was perfect, strict and firm without being harmful or violent. All of the sex was wonderfully performed and shot, but my favorite part was the standing sex. Showing Jill full frontal like that with Derrick's hands devouring her from behind was stunning. Reverse cowgirl is usually not a favorite of mine, but when Derrick teased her clit until Jill came for him, this scene instantly became an exception. I thought the entire episode was breathtaking.
2019-02-26 12:59
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Thanks for your feedback. Glad you liked it!
2019-02-28 11:15
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this looks like a parody of the movie back in 2002 with M. G. (i wont use her name) i loved that movie and this looks to be just as good, in the trailer i see some very similar scenes cant wait.
jill looks super sexy as the secretary im sure this will be a great scene
2019-02-21 10:35
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If Jill would show the same emotion as M. G. did in the mainstream movie, my excitement would be off the charts. Doesn't look like that will be true though.
2019-02-24 13:01
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