Adult Time

Brotherly Love

Naïve Step-Sister Seduced By Older Manipulative Brother

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Starring Jane Wilde, Zac Wild
Video Description: BROTHERLY LOVE

SCENE opens on a stairwell, as a man briskly walks down the steps and wipes the camera. He is calling out for his daughter, Christy, to say goodbye before he leaves for work. The camera follows behind him as he turns into the kitchen to discover his 21-year-old step-son, Daniel, standing behind the island eating cereal. He stops and asks, 'Have you seen Christy?' Daniel takes another bite before shrugging his shoulders. 'You mean my beautiful, perfect, innocent, sweet step-sister?' he replies sarcastically. 'No, I haven't seen her this morning!' The father shoots him a look. 'Well, will you please tell her when you do see her that I expect her home for dinner tonight?' He asks, picking up his briefcase off the counter. 'Sure George,' Daniel replies, taking another bite. 'But, remember, she's an 18-year-old girl .... so, she'll do what she wants!' As the step-son says this, the camera slowly weaves around the island to reveal that Christy is also in the kitchen, hidden on her knees blowing her step-brother. As he delivers his final line, he grabs her head and shoves his dick deep down her throat.


An hour later. Christy is in the shower. The camera lingers on her petite frame as she washes her privates and rinses off. When she steps out, Daniel is waiting for her with a towel and some fresh clothes. He dries her off while she looks at him submissively. 'Dad almost caught us this time,' she says after a long pause. Daniel smirks. 'But he didn't!' He reminds her, leading her out to his bedroom. 'And he never will, just as long as you keep your promise!' Christy nods innocently. She is completely in love with her older step-brother and has been since they first became a family. He has always preyed up this, knowing full well that he can do whatever he wants to her. He just can't get caught. He tells her to wait quietly on his bed while he closes the door and heads back out in the house.

A tracking shot follows Daniel as he locks all the doors of the house and verifies that his mother's car is not in the driveway. He should have at least an hour before she returns from her exercise class, he thinks as he checks his watch and grabs his crotch before hurrying back to the bedroom. His routine is intercut with flashforward shots of him fucking his step-sister, allowing the viewer to catch a glimpse into his mind.

When he returns and locks his bedroom door, Christy is laying naked on the bed. She is eager but awkward ... and her body language conveys this through closed legs and arms wrapped around her breasts. 'Don't be shy,' Daniel says. 'Let me see you!' She slowly undoes her arms and opens her legs up a little. Daniel smiles and leans in to open them further, until she is spread on the bed. He stares down at her lustfully. 'You have been taking the pill I got you?' He asks. 'Every night ... like you said,' Christy replies slowly. Daniel begins to remove his clothing as his step-sister studies him. You can tell something is on her mind. 'But ... I don't think it would be that bad really if I did get pregnant...' she mutters quietly. Daniel shoots her a look. 'Are you kidding me?' He says sharply. 'That would be fucking terrible! Your father would kill me!' Christy shrinks back at the tone of his voice. 'But, it's not like the baby would come out deformed or anything,' she pleads. 'We're not actually related.' Daniel cuts her off and tells her not to ruin the mood. They can't have a baby. Not yet anyway. Not until they get married. Christy's eyes light up. 'You really mean that?' She says. Daniel smirks again, loving the control he has over his younger step-sister. 'Yes, of course I do,' He says kissing her. 'Just as long as you do everything I ask you to!' Christy kisses him back. 'Yes!' She agrees eagerly. 'Yes what?' Daniel asks. Christy takes another deep breath before adding, 'Yes brother!' as he brings her back down to suck his dick.

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Too much use of the step word. I get that you have to establish that they are not related at the start but ruins the scene for me when the step element is constantly reinforced throughout the scene.
2018-09-07 19:28
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Ohhhh yessss!!! I have a strong preference for reluctance videos which this is not. Yet I loved everything about it. Jane's character is so smitten with Zachary's that she is willing to consistently leave her comfort zone for his pleasure. The "almost caught" flavor behind the kitchen counter was a hot start. The toweling off after her shower was played to perfect by Jane, slightly shy about her body yet so pleased that he wants her like that. Asking her to take her hair down was a very sexy touch. In fact he could have played with that beautiful hair a little more. Full body contact during sex is one of my hot buttons, and there was lots of it here. The fact that it was initiated by both of them at different times just made the sex hotter and much more intimate. The amount and intensity of the kissing and fingering was staggering and so powerful. And last but not least, Jane's body is perfection. That creamy skin, those perfect natural breasts and luscious round bottom just made me melt. I can't wait to see a follow-up episode where he manipulates her into anal sex. I can see her resisting, afraid it will hurt, then heartbroken when he gets angry with her, and finally sneaking into his room at night to offer him that perfect bottom, still frightened but needing him to be happy with her. I cancelled my monthly membership to take out an annual one, partly because of this episode. Thanks to all involved in its creation.
2018-09-06 14:16
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Zac Wild
So glad you enjoyed! :) Thank you
2018-09-11 17:12
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very nice is Jane a doll love the bush....every time i see a movie like this i think back to a old girlfriend from high school after we broke up her divorced mom got remarried to a doctor who had a son her age....anyway they got it on and were openly going together for a year or so after graduation....once parents found out i guess they were ok with it
2018-09-06 09:06
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Another great update..  The chemistry between Jane and Zachary was such a highlight great debut by both
2018-09-06 05:09
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Excellent MF episode; no need to fast forward through this one.  Great performances from Jane (slightly overdid the eye rolling) and Zachary (best six pack since Kenzie Reeves). The sex was realistic (nearly as good as What My Cousin Did), use of lube was refreshing to see from time to time, and Zachary worked up quite a sweat finishing with a good pop-shot in line with the story. If in warmer colours it would have been erotic. The Taboo element was not that they were step siblings but there was NO need for coercion or seduction on either part. I cannot spell it out or my comment will get deleted. 
Now if you can work a story with a condom being put on the penis by the mouth of a  girl that would be erotic and a first.
2018-09-06 03:01
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Zac Wild
I appreciate it Bob!
2018-09-11 17:11
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Great puretaboo debut fom both Jane and Zachary and i especially loved Janes dirty talk it's like jane was made for this site
2018-09-06 00:59
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