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Taking the Enema

Dad Hires Doctor to give Slutty Teen Daughter an Anal Cleaning

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Video Description: TAKING THE ENEMA
Dad Hires Doctor to give Slutty Teen Daughter an Anal Cleaning

Scene opens on George, a typical blue-collar guy, as he lazes around at home one afternoon watching TV and eating a bowl of chips. His wife is out of town and it's his first day off in weeks so the man is very eager to relax when, suddenly, he hears screaming coming from the other end of the house. It's his 18-year-old step-daughter, Kelly, crying out for him. She sounds very frightened. George puts the chips down and darts back to her bedroom. When he opens the door, he is shocked to find the girl naked in bed on all fours, grabbing at her ass and looking back at him. He covers his eyes and asks what the hell she's doing. The pitiful teen begs him to be cool and just come in; she's got herself into a situation and she really needs his help.

George tries to persuade the girl to wait for her mom but the teen explains she needs help now so he demands that she at least cover up first. It isn't appropriate for him to be looking at his step-daughter naked. Kelly awkwardly shields herself in a towel and asks him to come to the bed. She stammers that she tried to do something this afternoon ... something sexual ... but now it's stuck. You can see George cringe when he hears this, as he has no desire to have any sex talk with his step-daughter. He tries to diffuse the conversation but Kelly is insistent. She tells him she took her mom's meditation balls and put them inside of her because she wanted to know what anal sex felt like. Now, several balls are in her bum and she can't get them out. She doesn't know what to do and her stomach is cramping. She's convinced they're lost. George cringes even further. Kelly asks if he is willing to try and get them out. George gets off the bed and shakes his head: No way, you're eighteen now. That would be inappropriate. Your mom would freak out! Kelly begs him to just do it, she won't tell anyone, she needs help. She removes the towel and gets back on all fours, ass arched up. Please just see if you can get them out, she begs. George reluctantly uses his fingers to try and spread her asshole open and look inside. She keeps encouraging him to go further but the man panics, unable to do it. Kelly starts to cry and, desperate, George comforts her and says he will have an emergency doctor make a house call to deal with this. She doesn't have to go anywhere and she doesn't have to panic. He'll fix everything.

Scene cuts to a car pulling into the driveway. George runs out to greet the doctor, who steps out of his car dressed neatly and wearing a white jacket. George thanks him profusely for coming so quickly and with such discretion. The doctor, very direct and clinical in his speech, cuts George off to ask if he'll assist in bringing his materials inside. George shuts up and they exit the frame in silence. When the doctor enters Kelly's room, with George in tow, Kelly is lying naked in a fetal position. She is very uncomfortable. The Doctor, who introduces himself as Dr. Finch, matter-of-factly asks her to sit up and explain her symptoms while he checks her heart and blood pressure, puts on gloves and pulled out a bottle of lubricant from his bag. He has her get back on all fours and, asking her permission to touch, lubes up her asshole and slowly slides his fingers in until his is fist-deep and able to pull out each ball. They slowly plop on the bed and he hands them to George, who stares down in disbelief. For some reason, he can't help but feel a bit aroused ... even though he knows he shouldn't.

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Chloe is so cute, and embarrassment scenes like this are incredibly sexy. Many thanks to Bree and Craven.
2018-08-18 16:17
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hot as hell but needs to shave the bush
2018-08-15 20:14
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Bree Mills and Craven Moorhead. creative Masterminds !!
2018-05-13 05:53
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I love this scene, it's got to be one of my all time favorites! Just wonderfully acted and definitely fulfills my female fantasy of what I'd like my sexy doctor to do to me!
"Mr. Grant give your daughter the experience she's been looking for."  Absolutely loved it!!

2018-04-19 16:28
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I'm a new member and this was one of the first scenes I checked out - I loved it.  The storyline, the sex, the cinematography all were great and Chloe's performance was incredible, I'm definitely happy to see there are more scenes with her on your site.  Thank you and keep pushing the envelope.
2018-04-18 19:13
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A real pleasure to see a well done sexual enema scene!  Unlike some sites, where this would be just brief fooling around and giggles, you've managed to capture the revulsion/disgust needed to make the scene plausible.  The prolongued anal fingering/probing beforehand adds a much needed extra dimension of embarassment/humilation and extends an otherwise brief process.  As a personal preference, I'd prefer to see the enema from the rear side not the front, whilst inverting the model (i.e. suspending upside down) would make for even more graphic exposure with stronger lighting.  Having just joined on the strength of this scene and the Crossing Borders scene, a related cavity search idea, I can say that these are both rare to find and even rarer to properly  show embarassment and humilation as here.  Your Taboo site clearly experiments with ideas of domination and control, and few things are more so than an erotic enema or the extended probing of sexual cavities to an unwilling patient, whilst others look on.  I would love to see these two become regular features with other models and would remain a permanent member for these two alone.
2018-03-04 13:45
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Straight to my favourites with reservations. The first 30 minutes was well scripted and a great acting by Tommy Pistol as the embarrassed father. That sequence should go into a hospital soap opera. Is Seth a part time magician, sleight of hand, as he palmed the balls from Chloe?

The 30-35 minute sex sequence only proves to me you need three performers to maintain viewers interest. With two you need some break in the story.

The one downer was Tommy Pistol was not UP to the job; more Viagra please!!! Evident by judicious use of his hand in Chloe's vagina and on himself.

The dp worked quite well within the above limitations.

Chloe Cherry was excellent. What a body. I am in love.

2018-01-08 16:27
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A very good clip:))) Мore medical exam! More enema!
2018-01-06 19:57
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Well I am always happy to have a bit of anal in the story and sometimes DP as well. I love having a bit of variety in the episodes and you are certainly giving that to us on the site.
2017-12-18 15:33
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Bree Mills
What do you all think - more anal episodes in the future?
2017-12-15 10:06
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Yes please!
2017-12-18 08:02
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