The Bad Uncle

Family Friend Tricks Virgin Teen into Bed

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Video Description: THE BAD UNCLE:
An 18-year- old girl becomes the subject of a man's dark fantasy.


Her father's buddy for years, 'Uncle Joe' (Charles Dera) has watched the girl (Jaye Summers) grow up and, now that she is of legal age, his fondness for her has become an obsession. Every time he is over at the house, he gets distracted by her teen body and how much he'd like to take advantage of it. But, he can't do anything while her dad's around. Joe comes up with a plan to take the girl away for the weekend to his ranch house - as a high school graduation gift. He pitches it to her and her father as a 'gift from her uncle!' and she is extremely excited. She's so sick of living with her uptight parents and, now that she's an adult, she's yearning for a little adventure. Plus, Uncle Joe has always been dad's coolest friend and she loves how he calls her princess and spoils her. When he picks her up for the trip, she literally jumps onto his bike. Once they arrive at the house, the plan goes into motion. The girl can't seem to do anything without something happening ... a string of coincidences that become increasingly sexual between her and Uncle Joe. She catches him eyeing her in her bathing suit; she walks in on him changing and finds herself lingering a little; when she goes to change for bed, she discovers that her luggage has disappeared. Then, the ultimate coincidence is revealed: Uncle Joe only has one bed. Even though he treats it like no big deal, she feels very shy about sharing a bed. He strips down to his boxers. They lay in silence, listening to each other rustling. He begins masturbating while creepily looking at her back.

Uncle Joe rolls over and presses his cock against her leg, pretending to be asleep. Her breath quickens, as she slowly reaches down and touches it. She can feel him react to her and this causes her breath to quicken even more. He shifts towards her, his cock resting on her thigh. He leans in, eyes still closed, and she lies nervously inches from his face. Her eyes dart up and down, unsure of what is happening. Finally, gasping, she looks at him and asks 'Uncle Joe?' He opens his eyes and stares deep into her before saying 'I'm going to put it inside of you now, princess.' She nods, mutters yes nervously, and he clasps his hand over her mouth.

I also love than even though  this  is a taboo page,, the sex scenes are always consensus and the girls in their character agree to have sex with the guy's character before they do something more, so you dont pass the line for showing a "rape scene" even if they are very hardcore. This is very important for me as a female porn lover <3  Im a big fan of your films
2017-11-19 01:00
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i loveit!!! where do I start? the actors are amazing and  the edition is breathtaking <3 you have to win all the AVN awards.. Congratulatiosn for the nominations. Your site is by far my favorite. Sometimes I skip the sex part just to see how it ends but I re-watch it again and again! Charles Dera is a dream! keep it arty <3
2017-11-19 00:29
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story fantastic  just wish the touching in bed would have been about 7-8 min long with a final submision....but i will never be able to enjoy theses scenes in this washed out hard to see view....suggestion just try one scene in clarity and  am sure it will be very well recieved
2017-11-14 14:05
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Well I enjoyed the episode reading the story I thought Charles would be more creepier like Tommy in "The Rental". But I found Charles played it about right not to creepy to scare her off and for her to feel safe to sleep in the same bed.
I would like to have seen a bit more time in the build-up maybe around the pool with him watching her more making her a bit nervous and on the sofa perhaps rubbing her feet and legs gently. I liked the way Jayne looked nervous getting into bed I would love to have seen a bit more of him touching her and playing with her body, her to be just lying there not sure what to do. I would have liked her a bit more reluctant before deciding it feels too good and do anything he wants.

But they are only small points I very much enjoyed the performance from both, I am finding with your stories the cast seem to be working so well together and I find what you are producing very erotic. I think that is why my mind is working overtime with your stories and wanting so much from them.

I am sure you will look to use Charles in the future and hope to get to see Jayne in a futures episode as well. I seem to be saying that a lot now about the performers you are using but you do seem to be getting some excellent performances and makes me greedy for more. 

2017-11-14 10:00
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Incredibly erotic plot and great cinematography.  Jaye's immediate acceptance of her Uncle's sexual advances felt a bit contrived.  Some realism would have done wonders here.   
I would have loved to see Uncle Rob be a bit too touchy feely with Jaye as she tries to  brush him off or ignore him.  Perhaps in the very beginning, we could see Uncle Rob at the dinner table with Jaye and her parents, asking her parents if he could invite Jaye for weekend hiking trip.  As he does this, he gropes Jaye underneath the table.  Jaye tries to push away his hand right as her parents say "yes." 

And, during the bedroom scene, perhaps have Uncle Rob slowly undress Jaye as if she was sleeping, and slowly fondle her as if she couldn't feel it.  Then, instead of Jaye immediately going for his cock, have Uncle Rob seduce her by slowly turning her on.

Thanks much for all the great work!  'looking forward to Adriana in the curfew.
2017-11-14 09:05
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I have to say it was a lot better in the reading than watching. It sounded naughtier than it was, but that's just my take. Again with the
dark no color filming isn't my thing. I guess it's because of two
things: I can't see, and it makes the girls look dirty at times like
please just bathe before filming. Sorry, again it's just my take. As you
might know Bree I've been a fan of yours for what 3 years now..?
2017-11-14 03:45
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i agree this would be so hot  in todays the story
2017-11-14 14:01
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I just love this one :)
2017-11-09 11:19
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just finished reading the excerpt - incredibly hot!  'excited to see the build up to the final nighttime scene.
2017-11-09 06:39
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