The Allowance

Boyfriend Convinces Eighteen-Year-Old to Become an Escort

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Video Description: A beautiful but naive girl (Elena Koshka) lets her boyfriend talk her into posting suggestive photos online to find a sugar daddy, believing this will contribute to their dream of moving in together. The girl begins correspondence with a wealthy older man (Derrick Pierce). He wants her to call him Daddy, and in exchange, he provides her with an allowance. The couple's plan is working, and it's bringing them closer to their financial goals. The boyfriend helps to gradually push the girl out of her comfort zone. At first, she only exchanges photos and messages with the man, but soon he asks to meet in person. She nervously prepares for the night, encouraged by her boyfriend to dress provocatively. Once the girl meets her sugar daddy face to face, he makes her an offer she can't refuse to have sex with him. Stifling her tears, the innocent teen excuses herself to the bathroom. She calls her boyfriend and breaks down crying as she tells him she's been asked to cheat. Rather than react with jealousy, he tells her to do it, especially once he receives the transfer of funds. The girl dries her eyes and returns to the man who covers her allowance... letting him do whatever he wants to her, as per the agreement.

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This was a treat to edit! I hope you guys get equally shocked and aroused from it!!
2017-10-04 07:29
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Bravo, man! I absolutely adored the way it was edited!
2017-10-10 10:28
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wow <3
2017-10-04 04:29
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this looks like it might be a difficult one to watch but i will try to get all the way thru it
2017-10-03 20:06
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Super excited for this
2017-10-02 07:59
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