Peer Pressure

Innocent Virgin Schoolgirl Double-Teamed By Twisted Step-Siblings

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Video Description: PEER PRESSURE

Lisa (Vienna Black), a sweet and innocent schoolgirl, arrives at Stephan (Justin Hunt)'s house, trying to calm her nerves as she holds her backpack close. As she approaches the front door, there is a gardener nearby that offers to open the door for her. 'Let me get that for you, miss,' he says. Before he opens the door, though, he nervously looks between the door and her, then leans in and asks if she REALLY wants to be in there with THEM. Lisa is worried and asks what's wrong with them, but before the gardener can answer, the door is opened from the other side. Stephan, a young man wearing a smile, greets Lisa, saying there she is! He thought he heard voices. Come on in!

When Lisa turns away, Stephan catches the gardener's eyes and makes a lewd sexual gesture, indicating their intentions for innocent Lisa. The gardener can do nothing more but look guiltily away as Stephan closes the door behind them.


Lisa compliments Stephan on the beautiful house as he leads her into a dining room to study, soon joined by his step-sister, Nikki (Casey Calvert). Stephan shrugs and says that the house is modest, which is obviously an understatement. Nikki ribs her brother and says that nothing involving either of them could ever be described as 'modest.' Stephan smirks, then thanks Lisa for coming over to help them study for the upcoming exam. He especially needs a little pick-me-up with his grades and Lisa's just so smart! She has to be the smartest one in any of their classes.

Lisa's flustered by the compliments, obviously having a crush on Stephan, saying that the 'bad boys' seem to always need a little bit of extra help. (It's clear by the way she says 'bad boys' that she likes bad boys, and Stephan catches onto this with a sly grin.) She continues on to say that she's always been a nerd, so... Stephan says that she's a very pretty nerd. A woman with brains AND looks is a treat. Although Lisa's flustered, she makes a bit of a face at the word 'treat' since it sounds weird to her, maybe even a bit creepy. Even Nikki picks up on this and laughs, saying that it sounds like her dear brother Stephan just wants to 'eat her up.' Maybe he DOES, Stephan retorts, then winks at Lisa and as a joke, growls hungrily. Lisa is shy and not used to this kind of attention, although she seems to like it.

Stephan asks if Lisa minds agreeing to help them study. Lisa looks a bit flustered -- oh, Nikki will be studying with them too? Stephan bares his teeth into a grin and says he and his sister are inseparable, he wouldn't want her to flunk the test while he's acing it! He hoped she could study with them, and asks if that would be a problem? Lisa tries to play it cool and says, no, of course not. Everyone at school knows how close they are, so how could she say no? Nikki gasps and turns to Stephan. 'Do you hear that, brother? We're practically famous!' she laughs sarcastically. Then Stephan gestures to the dining room table and suggests that they get started. Lisa is still a little disappointed by Nikki being there, clearly having hoped for some alone time with Stephan, but tries not to show it too much.

Lisa is about to sit by Stephan when Nikki promptly takes the seat, smiling sweetly at her. A little taken aback, Lisa moves around the table and sits across from them. She takes her laptop out of her bag and asks what they'd like to study first. Stephan says he'd like to study biology first since that's his favorite subject... He especially loves learning about a woman's anatomy... Who doesn't love a bit of... exploration? As Stephan says this with a grin, Lisa feels a foot running slowly up her leg.

She stares at Stephan, obviously thinking that it's him playing footsies, but it's actually Nikki. Lisa fidgets both because of the move seeming quite bold to her, and also because of her arousal. She can't help but to like the preppy bad boy vibe Stephan gives off.

Nikki smirks, though Lisa doesn't even notice her, anyway, since her attention is on Stephan. Lisa glances briefly to Nikki, nervous about what she thinks Stephan is doing to her, but Nikki just grins. 'Is something wrong?' Nikki teases. Lisa swallows and shakes her head while blushing, saying that nothing is wrong and that, sure, they can start with biology -- she can pull up her notes from the semester. Nikki stops playing footsies and scoffs, saying that they're all 18 now -- they can learn about the female anatomy in more fun ways than by reading about it. Lisa nervously laughs and insists that sticking with the notes is best if they want to do well on the exam.

As they begin studying, Lisa talks about the female body, specifically the reproductive system. She starts listing off the parts that make up the system: the labia majora, labia minora, Bartholin's glands, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, clitorus, vagina...

Nikki scoffs, saying this is so lame since this is all stuff they should already know. Hey, does Lisa know that the hymen can be broken in ways other than sex, like sports or horseback riding? It's not the reliable test of a woman's virginity that it used to be. She wonders out loud if Lisa's hymen broke yet, and if so, whether it was from riding horses or riding something ELSE.

Lisa is uncomfortable, ignoring the question and saying that she doesn't think hymens are going to be on the exam, so... Stephan makes studying even harder by asking Lisa about 'erogenous zones', playing a bit dumb. What are they? How do they work? Sure, he knows what to do with a wet pussy, but what else can he do to make a woman scream?

Lisa's even more embarrassed. 'Um, I d-don't think that's on the required materials for the exam...' Stephan leans in a little closer, still playing dumb, although his closer proximity seems a bit more menacing. 'Well, don't you know? You're supposed to be so smart, and all,' he teases with an edge to his voice. Lisa's even more uncomfortable, squirming in her seat, her eyes still on Stephan but she feels desperate to prove herself. 'Well, I READ that the most accepted ones are the ears, lips, neck, breasts, bum, inner thighs, and... vagina,' Lisa explains, stumbling again a little over the last word. 'But there are some other ones, too, like the feet or even armpits...'

Stephan laughs, looking a bit disgusted at the mention of armpits, saying no thanks! Nikki snorts, saying that if he wants to please a woman, he has to be willing to go all the way -- armpits included! Stephan remarks that he KNOWS how to please a woman. You just gotta fingerbang her ass a bit while you're eating her out. He even mimes this by poking one finger back and forth in the air while doing the classic vulgar cunnilignus gesture with his other hand. 'Just like ringing a doorbell!' he laughs. 'Ooh, you're SUCH a romantic! Not gonna lie, though -- it sounds pretty hot, right, Lisa?' Nikki teases with a twisted grin. Lisa is shocked and a bit grossed out now, not only because of the graphic nature of the sex described but also how comfortable the siblings are around each other.

Lisa doesn't answer Nikki and instead laughs nervously as she tries to get them back on track, redirecting their attention back to the books. Once or twice, she looks towards the entranceway, as if debating whether she should leave or not, but ultimately decides to stay. Nikki then makes a comment about the laptop. It's an older model, isn't it? Lisa is relieved for the distraction but embarrassed still, mentioning that, yeah, it's secondhand since her parents spent everything on the tuition this semester. She was lucky to get into such a prestigious school! Nikki and Stephan says that they're so proud of her for getting into the school, it really shows that ANYONE can make it in life if they work hard... this is said in an obviously condescending way, which makes Lisa her momentary confidence.

Nikki excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Lisa takes this chance to pull her chair closer to Stephan. They begin studying again, with Lisa making sure only to talk about less sexy parts about the female anatomy. Like, how exciting is the menstruation cycle? He butters her up a little, marveling over how she makes even periods sexy, which is really saying something! Although he's heard that some guys are really into fucking women on their periods... As he talks, he moves his arm down and out of sight.

While Lisa is distracted, Nikki sneaks back and slips under the table without Lisa noticing. She carefully crawls close to Lisa, then starts running a hand up along Lisa's leg, up her knee and slowly towards her inner thigh. Lisa makes a short sound of surprise as she stares at Stephan, who is intensely focused on her and smiling. He's still leaning forward toward her with his arm out of sight to add to the illusion that it could be him feeling Lisa up, even if it's not. The routine is so smooth, as if Stephan and Nikki has pulled this stunt before.

Lisa still thinks it's him feeling her up and is flustered. She continues reading, though her voice catches as the hand starts moving towards her pussy. Lisa shifts and bites her lip to stifle a moan, then whispers, 'Keep doing it...' to Stephan. Stephan gives a fake-confused look and says, 'Keep doing what?' When Nikki palms her pussy, Lisa moves her hand under the table and over Nikki's, rolling her hips into the touch. 'You're touching me...' she breathes, though Stephan still plays it innocent and says that he isn't? He's just scratching his leg... Lisa's eyes widen as she pushes her chair back and stares under the table, seeing Nikki there. 'Whoops! I thought I was touching Stephan,' Nikki blatantly lies while both she and Stephan laugh. It's a creepier, mocking laugh, though.

Nikki crawls out from under the table and sits in the chair again as both she and Stephan crowd Lisa, who is hugging herself nervously. 'What's going on?' Lisa demands. 'We're just having a bit of fun, aren't we, Stephan? You HAVE to be a virgin, though, aren't you, Lisa? And not just because you have a tight little twat down there -- you couldn't even tell a girl's hand from a guy's! I mean, I know Stephan has some pretty girly hands, but...' Nikki says. 'Hey! I do not! YOU seem to like them.' Stephan states as the two banter over Lisa's head. Nikki scoffs and says, 'Yeah, because I like girls' hands better! You can fit more of their fingers in at once!'

Lisa is really confused and uncomfortable as she starts to rise to gather her laptop, saying that she has to go. Both Stephan and Nikki touch her shoulders and coax her back down to the seat. 'So soon? We just barely finished the chapter,' Stephan says with an unsettling smile. 'I thought we had a special moment going on here? I see the way you stare at me at school... Like you want me to fuck you right then and there against the lockers....' Nikki rolls her eyes, saying, oh, you wish! You like to think you're such a player when all you prey on are the frail, helpless types. Where's the challenge in that? Anyone can do that! Stephan should be looking for a REAL woman -- like her!

'Oh, dear sister, you know you're more than enough woman for me,' Stephan says in a seductive tone. The two start to close the gap between each other while leaning over and in front of Lisa, clearly moving closer and about to kiss heavily -- though they don't quite touch yet.

Lisa is shocked as she bursts between them. 'Wait, aren't you two brother and sister??' Stephan and Nikki shake their head. 'We're step-brother and step-sister. REAL fucked up, right?? But hey... how can I NOT fuck a gorgeous woman like her?' Stephan insists as he leans in and starts necking Nikki, even biting at her, which Nikki enjoys. Nikki giggles and flirtily tells him to stop while clearly fishing for more compliments. She says that not a day goes by that she isn't glad that her mother married his father, which brought THEM together.

'I REALLY should be going,' Lisa says as she clutches her laptop. 'You're free to go...' Nikki says sweetly. 'Of course, now we're going to tell everyone what a whore you are. You came over here purely to seduce us, you sicko. What, does getting it on with a brother and sister get you off?' Lisa is horrified, exclaiming that they can't spread such lies about her. Nikki continues, saying, who are people going to believe? Them or Lisa? Lisa's a NOBODY at school. Besides, aren't they PRACTICALLY FAMOUS? Lisa's out of her MIND if she thinks she's worth anything. She's just a pathetic little girl that got into their school as a charity case. The school probably took pity on her and her parents and decided to show a little goodwill. It looks good in the public eye. So what would happen then if the school found out the sweet, underprivileged girl they let in was going around slutting it up with classmates? And what will her darling parents think when they learn that their little girl is not so innocent?

So here's the deal: if Lisa fucks Stephan and does everything they ask, they won't breathe a word about it to anyone else. Nikki likes watching her brother defile young, innocent, underprivileged, hardworking girls like Lisa...

Lisa can't believe what she's hearing and is almost about to cry because of the confrontation. She begs them not to say anything. They don't understand that school is literally all she has! So much has been sacrificed to get into this school. She's willing to do anything to ensure that the step-siblings don't fuck it up for her. Anything!

'Then it sounds like we have a deal,' Nikki purrs, but Lisa is still worried. 'If I let you f-fuck me -- then you'll keep everything quiet?' she asks while trying to put on a brave face. 'We promise,' Nikki says. 'Just... Just be gentle. It's my first time,' Lisa adds, nervously giving her consent. 'Oh, we'll be gentle,' Nikki says...

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nicely done... both Casey and Vienna are amazing here...
2019-01-15 16:38
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It seemed more real because justin doesnt have a million tattoos up and down his body
2019-01-11 13:40
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A wonderfully wicked tale. 3X West once again has created a beautiful story that has so many reverberations and social commentary about our culture today, that this episode will remain a lasting testament of the insidiousness of white privilege. Craven's direction was good, although the sex scene again suffered from a lack of direction but it was better than past episodes. Casey, Vienna and Justin were a powerhouse of an ensemble, each of them bringing so much character work and depth to their respective roles. Justin's portrayal of Stephan was brilliant, his line delivery coupled with his menacing eye communication was scary and yet somehow he was still able to be disarmingly charming.  Casey's portrayal of Nikki was absolutely captivating, her communication of a true sociopath was breathtaking, just her vocal choice alone gave me chills. But of course the star of the episode was the beautiful Vienna, her portrayal of Lisa was superb, her character transitions, thoughts and actions were so believable and ultimately heart-wrenching. Her gorgeous eye communication could be taught in schools. All in all an excellent episode even in spite of a couple of hiccups during the sex scene. Oh and I absolutely loved the whole gardener set-up scene at the very beginning, it really set the tone of the episode. Keep up the good work PT.
2019-01-11 12:21
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Agree 100% on the foreshadowing with the gardener
2019-01-11 13:38
Like 1
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I always look forward to your flowing flowery flights of fancy fornication from a fawning fan. I've just become a cantankerous critical cynical curmudgeon.
2019-01-11 18:42
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jeeeez.... Im tired of threesomes.  Seems like every scene is a threesome.
2019-01-10 21:18
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Dislike 3
HOLY SHIT!!! Vienna and Casey deserve Oscars for that performance. First time ever seeing these two actresses and that was a glorious first impression.  Dont know why I looked over watching Casey's other videos here, but Im going to catch up on all her PT work now, WOW. Perfect video top to bottom. I usually give 3X shit for basic stories, but he redeemed himself here. in my eyes.  And Vienna, oh Vienna, DAYUM. Please bring her back for more PT work. And if she only ever plays nerdy virgins, I'll never complain, because that was wonderful.  Only thing I would have liked towards the end was for Casey to put Vienna's glasses back on her, kiss her, and have Vienna take her final ride in the glasses.  THIS was a sub money worthy video. Great hair by both women as well, love natural hair colors and full curliness.
2019-01-10 17:46
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God damn i find Casey so hot, PornFanWriter9, check out the orgy scenes in 'ANNIE ' from Pure Taboo, her accent alone drives me crazy!! so fucking sexy!!
2019-01-10 19:07
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Great cast and an exciting story. My first experience watching Vienna Black, and she performed beautifully. Her emotions ran the entire gamut from shy and naïve, to jealous of Casey, to shocked at the things she was being made to do and the sexual pleasure she was feeling. She has an electric smile, and those dark, round eyes express surprise and shock incredibly well. Casey Calvert is absolutely one of the most beautiful women to ever perform in this industry. I'm sure she loved this part, being called upon to dominate the sweet, shy schoolgirl; and she was magnificent. I have been longing to see her in a featured role where she was heavily involved in the sex. I love watching that breathtaking body with those long legs, creamy skin including her clean-shaven mound, and the face and hair of a goddess. And Seth Gamble's hairless physique paired perfectly with her. This was a visual feast. Now please give me Casey in a one-on-one submissive role where she is exploited and enjoyed by a man who takes his time kissing and groping that stunning body and face. Include some anal sex in multiple positions, and I will be in Heaven. What do you think, Casey?
2019-01-10 13:24
Like 2
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The Casting seems to have disappeared. Is it so bad? or so Taboo? we cannot see it.
2019-01-10 12:50
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Dislike 1
Good to excellent MFF episode. Casey can just about get away with the schoolgirl look and not a hooker dressing up for a client. She plays the wicked step sister very well; evil intent without being sadistic. Vienna looked the part of a fresh faced schoolgirl. There could have been more foreplay to make her more compliant instead of all the cock sucking in what was a very long straightforward sex scene which Justin keeping his end up well finishing with a good pop-shot that I had hoped Casey would have used.  Vienna playing the virgin did wet her own vagina before entry which always spoils the illusion of innocence for me.
2019-01-10 12:45
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Seriously Bob? Complaining about pre-wetting is an illusion killer for you? How do you even enjoy virgin porn stories when they never include blood either?  ::rolls eyes::   Sit back and enjoy brother, sit back and enjoy.
2019-01-10 17:57
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I don't want blood, but they are acting a virgin, not porn stars who involuntary use saliva because they have been going from shoot to shoot.
2019-01-10 18:46
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Okay the whole "bloody virgin broken hymen" thing is a myth. It is just leftover remnants of our patriarchal misogynistic society. I do agree that an inexperienced person would probably not know the "ole pornstar" trick of wetting herself with saliva and for me it does break the illusion of inexperience. All of it comes down to lazy directors who don't take the time to actually direct the sex scenes and just let the professional at it in hopes of catching authenticity but more often than not we lose something of the story and believability of the characters.
2019-01-11 11:56
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Another professional virgin Emily Willis doesn't do it but because every studio is using her day in day out in more extreme scenes her credibility as a virgin is beginning to grate with me. Someone like Chloe Cherry another of my favourites has moved on to Kink and Legal Porno.
2019-01-11 18:31
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I really hope you guys change the way you shoot the porn part of your scenes.
2019-01-10 05:11
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You know I'd luv to witness a scene with Alina Lopez portraying either solely a lesbian victim or throughout most of the beginning of the moments of the scene, she portrays said victim.  Just the victim of a awkward...crazy neighbor that seems normal and cool at first even though she shows up behind Alina out the blue as Alina is laying face down on her lounge chair outside by the pool in her black bikini I'd suggest.  The thing is (in an attempt to make a long short) Alina portrayal eventually and almost immediately gets tumbled up on all fours either while in her lounge chair or on the patio floor and the crazy perp female neighbor begins to sorta "aggressively" anal finger her.  Alina's character doesn't physically fight back nor fight her off at all really.  She just immediately allows herself to become helpless and afraid and confused.  If Alina at least becomes capable of gaping enough let alone becomes capable for anal scenes.  Boy...imagine the number of finger growing as Alina's portrayal whence in awkwardness, fear, and not pain but discomfort of having that tush helpless invaded!  The scene doesn't even have to invole anal sex in it whether there's eventually a male involved and/or a strap on.  Then lastly of course, the neighbor and her somehow gets inside either Alina's house or sugar daddy's house (lol) or uncle's house or the neighbor's house and PT unfolds it for us from there.  I have to add that I also see Alina's portrayal becoming verbally spiteful and/or pissed at the whole situation helplessly.  She doesn't eventually began to like or appear to like what the neighbor's doing to her so much but she physically submits to the neighbor's every whim-every demand.  Kinda like Chloe was in Fathers Unleashed. hehehe  This a disclaimed idea that I'd look forward to seeing guys.
2019-01-10 01:33
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Maybe submit it in the 'submit a story section' on adulttime, instead of writing it under a scene, making it unrelated?
2019-01-10 02:57
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Well there's a reason
why I don't directly comment about most of the few vids I've commented
under.  Let's just say this vid had near remarkable acting but sexually
once again, lacked exploration or maybe diversity to be more exact.  I
hadn't watched Ms Vandella's feature just yet just to note. :)  You see I
just try to comment in other constructive ways under a vid actually feeding off
of what I may have gotten from a scene that I didn't feel worthy to comment
about.  If I post a little fan scenario idea on here instead of adulttime
or wherever, I'm simply trying to be as supportive and a little more diversely
constructive as possible on [PT more specifically].  If it doesn't get
spotted and/or used by PT or whoever, then time keeps rollin...oh well. 
But if I'm required by PT (operators-directors) to comment over at Adulttime
then I will.  So--by now you should be able to tell that when I give my
critique on a xxx feature or whatever, I can go on and on.  In this one I
personally didn't like the standard level of sex and/or sex acts performed in
this particular scene.  Pussy licking is--eh (lol) but in this one, it
wasn't done by the dom (Ms Calvert) interesting enough.  There was just
the tip of the tongue and clit spreading-the form of oral that my attention
span drying up on.  I would luv to have seen a bit of helpless
spitefulness from Vienna's portrayal...once again-like in Crossing the Border
with Ms Chechik and Fathers Unleashed with Ms Chloe Cherry.  I'm not
saying every feature should be the way that I want them to be.  I'm not
even saying that most features on here should be the way that I'd want
them.  But it's just been a bit too long of a string of not so mean-not so
spicy-not so reluctant submissive potency in a great number of features since
the first-maybe second episode of Anne.  That's just my preference and a
number of other PT fans' preference.  But more specifically mine. 
There's just on this site alone not enough sexual diversity shown often enough
in my opinion.  Tushy licking is always an undisputed top plus in my
opinion in reluctant sub features.  But I just wouldn't seeing a girl...or
guy suckle on it a couple of times.  Spread it open and kiss on it. LOL
but seriously.  Tongue that poor reluctant sub portayal's tush hole for a
few seconds.  And the level of rarity of all of that alone that I think
I'm starting to see on here that may haunt PT in other ways other than just
comments that kinda express concurrence in the points I'm making now.  But
I think it all depends on how long a string of vids like these are at certain
points throughout and how many members may not favor so much in such a long
stretch like myself.  More anal or just more anal play needs to be
involved a bit a couple weeks less of a wait every other anal vid
just to generous.  A little more intense and a little more often mean
spirited-ness portrayed by the perp/dom/antagonist in a scene.  A more
unique response to that meanness a bit more often Father Unleashed
(LOL) and Crossing the Border I believed it's titled.

2019-01-13 00:24
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