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It's Not You

Closeted lesbian coaxed into straight sex with boyfriend

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Starring Aidra Fox, Robby Echo
Video Description: IT'S NOT YOU

SCENE OPENS on a teen woman Sheena (Aidra Fox) standing in her bedroom. 'Billy, I have something to tell you...' she says to an unseen recipient, clearly struggling with the words. 'I'm a lesbian.' She waits with a pause, but there's no response - after a couple of seconds, the camera cuts wider to reveal that she's in fact practicing in front of a mirror. She sighs in exasperation, and mutters to herself that it's too blunt. 'Billy,' she tries again in a slightly different tone, 'you know that I love you, right? But... I can't, like, LOVE love you. Because... I love women. UGH!' She continues to get more and more frustrated as she practices coming out in different ways in front of the mirror, none of them sounding right to her. Eventually she gets so upset that she hits the side of her fist against the wall with a large smack. She swears to herself as she shakes off the pain and paces around the room. She shoots a look over to her cell phone, which is laying conspicuously in the middle of her perfectly made bed, dead center. It seems to stare at her, and she stares back in hesitation for several seconds. Finally, with a burst of nervous energy she picks up the phone and dials a number.

As the phone rings, Sheena bites her thumb and shakes her legs restlessly. On the third ring, her boyfriend Billy (Robby Echo) picks up. 'Hey babe,' we hear his voice say casually on the other end of the line. 'Hey bab- hey Billy,' Sheena replies, obviously uncomfortable with using their usual terms of endearment towards him. He asks her what's up, and she starts off with a variation of the speech she was practicing in the mirror. She asks him that he knows she loves him, right? He says yeah, of course, he loves her too. She says well, she has something to tell him. She goes on to say that she's figured some stuff out about herself, important stuff... she stops herself mid-sentence, and asks to start over. She tells her he's very special to him, and she has some news to tell him. He replies with worry that she sounds serious - is it something bad? Thrown off by the question, she stutters that it's not bad, just... different.

Billy laughs nervously, 'Babe, you're not making much sense.' The conversation is silent on both ends, as Billy waits for a reply and Sheena takes a deep breath in, desperate for air, and puts her hand to her head frustrated with herself. After a moment, Billy asks if she's there. 'Yeah, I'm still here, sorry...' Sheena says in apology. She suggests maybe they can get together - this might be something better to talk about in person. Billy says sure, she can come to his place - his parents are up at the cottage all weekend so they'll have the place to themselves. That's good, Sheena says with relief, it's probably better that they're alone actually. They finalize plans for her to come over, and then say their goodbyes. 'Love you, babe,' Billy says on the other line. Sheena pauses, almost hanging up, but stops herself and puts her phone back to her ear. 'You too,' she says softly. She hangs up, and then tosses her phone to the side of the bed in dismay. She pulls a pillow from the head of her bed and pulls it towards her for comfort, curling up with it and stifling the urge to cry.


Sheena is on the front porch of a house as the door opens and her boyfriend Billy opens the door. He moves in to kiss her but she deflects, scooping him into a hug instead. He's none the wiser, and hugs her back warmly before offering for her to come inside. As he leads her to his kitchen, he tells her that he was hoping she would call. He knows she's been really busy the past few weeks and they haven't had as much time to spend together, he's been trying not to be needy about it... but with his parents gone all weekend he was going to have a lot of time alone on his hands, so he's glad she reached out so they get a chance to be together for a bit.

They get settled in in the kitchen. Billy asks her if she wants a snack, and Sheena says no, she's fine thanks. Is she thirsty? he asks as a follow-up. A bit annoyed, she shakes her head and says no, then realizes she was being snappy and in a nicer tone she says she just wants HIM for a second.

Sheena starts a new speech, this time in a bit of a roundabout way. She explains that Billy's not just her boyfriend, he's her best friend. He says that she's his best friend too. She confesses that there's something that's been on her mind for a while... a new part of herself, and it took her a little while to understand what she was feeling, but now that she does, she wanted to share that part of herself with Billy before anybody else. Billy stops her - she doesn't need to say anything else. He's felt it too. Sheena looks surprised - he has? Billy nods reassuringly, and says that he didn't want to pressure her into saying or doing anything she wasn't ready for, but if she wants to, then he's ready too. They hold hands as Billy leads her to his bedroom, where they sit on the edge of the bed.

Sheena exhales with relief and a smile of disbelief. She's ready, she says. She closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath. Unbeknownst to her, Billy takes this as a sign to lean in and kiss her on the lips. Just as his lips are about to reach hers she opens her eyes to declare 'I'm gay.' She sees him inches away from her face.

Both recoil, upset at the confusion. Sheena asks what Billy was doing. Hurt and confused, he said he was about to kiss her. What does she mean, she's gay?! Sheena ignores his question, and asks why he was about to kiss her?! Billy pulls his hands away from hers and gets defensive, saying that he thought she was telling him she was ready to have sex. This upsets Sheena, and the two of them argue over his confusion towards what she said about 'sharing a new part of herself' - he thought she meant she had finally gotten over her hang-ups about having sex before marriage and was ready to be with him.

Welling up into tears, Sheena explains that she was trying to come out to him. She's felt so alone, she had nobody to tell and he's her best friend but he's also her boyfriend and she knew it would break his heart. Feeling betrayed, he asks how long she's known about this and didn't tell him. She tells him she's only felt certain about it for a few weeks, but in the back of her mind she's known something felt off since even before she was 18 and they started dating. Billy asks if that's why she's been avoiding him for the past few weeks, saying she's always busy when he wants to spend time with her. Sheena doesn't answer directly, but replies as she wipes back tears that she was looking for a way to tell him that wouldn't hurt his feelings. Billy tells her he was saving himself for her, because he loves her so much and because she said she wanted to wait until marriage. But that was a lie, wasn't it, she just didn't want to have sex with him. Sheena pleads with him - 'It's not you, Billy, it has nothing to do with you! You're the sweetest guy I ever met!' Billy doesn't meet her eyes, and Sheena continues, explaining that she tried for so long to convince myself she could be happy - THEY could be happy - together. But she was just fooling herself.

Billy looks up at her pleadingly. 'But... I love you,' he says. Sheena looks away. 'But I don't love you, Billy,' she explains, 'at least not in that way.' Billy looks stung, and replies more urgently - how does she even know that, though? It's not like she's ever tried?! Sheena insists that she just knows, she doesn't know how she knows but she knows. Billy starts to bargain in desperation, maybe if she tries it she'll actually find out she really likes it. Sheena mutters that she doesn't think it works that way. But she doesn't KNOW, Billy insists. Right? Isn't it worth a shot? Shouldn't she at least try it once before making up her mind, before she throws away everything they have together?

Sheena says nothing until Billy asks what Sheena's father will think. She's confused and asks him why does that matter? And how would he even find out? They lock eyes and Sheena realizes that Billy is not as sweet and caring as she thought he was. In order to stop him from telling her father, she will have to give in and give herself to him. But at the same time, maybe somehow she can prove to him through the ultimate betrayal of her own body that she's gay once and for all.

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wait...wait...I'm still stuck on a "couple of weeks"! 
...And how many girls have you fucked in that time???
2019-02-11 03:27
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I really like the videos with the women in skin tight jeans showing their ASS.  Please make more movies of the women in tight jeans!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks!!
2019-01-07 02:53
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Like a lot of people here, I too am struggling with this scene. The story of a lesbian proving it through straight sex is already a bit far fetched, but if there's no reluctance what so ever with straight sex, then the whole point is gone....
Also, what's really the taboo part here? Is that the lesbian proves by going straight? Is it the 'I'm gonna tell your dad'- blackmail? Is it the 'Next time' ending?
None of those was triggering a taboo-ish feeling for me and none of the action that followed the story was convincing to be a bit taboo-ish.

What this scene could have needed is a stepsister listening around the corner, stepping in after she told him you don't need to have sex with guy/ girl to know you're a lesbian. The (dominant) stepsister taking over, putting her stepbrother/ ex-boyfriend on a chair to jerk off while she will show his gf what it is to have sex with a girl. So a dominant stepsister, a reluctant ex- gf and a watching bf...(who can maybe cum in her face in the end, before shes kicked out?!) could've brought this scene a bit more to the edge.

I'm not saying that I have such brilliant ideas, but this has taken me less than 5 minutes to come up with, so why can't the professionals come up with something more taboo-ish?
2019-01-02 07:14
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Seriously. Theyd rather write standard stories, going against the whole theme of a site we're PAYING for (paying porn customers being super rare these days), then take the good free ideas from us freely giving them out in the comments.
2019-01-02 19:04
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You're right about that, they can easily go through the comment sections and pick out some of the ideas or they can do it like Girlsway does, with members fantasies. The only problem I think there is with a site like this is that it looks like they struggle with it's identity. I've seen that they tease certain kind of actions, but will not go there (fisting, golden shower -> see Future Darkly: The Love Hotel) for some reason. 
So the struggle seems to be: where does this site draw the line?

A lot of 'Taboo' content out there is way out of my comfort zone, going full bdsm and all... I was hoping this site would found it's ground in that grey zone that's still out there, by walking that thin line (story wise AND action wise) without going full fetish.
The scene A Date could have been way better when there was light bondage, more tease-play, an action- reaction/ consequence story line.... 

What PT is trying to do is create a shockstory and leaves it there (sometimes going over that line for me with death or the hint of physical assault).

We customers all have our ideas and fantasies on this topic (that's why we're here), but the ones writing/ producing it seem to be a bit out of touch...
2019-01-03 03:06
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Hi @user23406129, we recently put up a submit a story section in the Pure Taboo subcategory of the Adult Time Community. We strongly encourage members who have story suggestions to submit them there, and all Pure Taboo fans to vote on their favorites to be considered for production!
2019-01-03 15:12
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Yeah, it would be so nice to get all of this 'gimme gimme'/'do it my way' bullshit the fuck out of the comments. I come here to watch ADULT adult entertainment. Its the same treat as mainstream, ie, its a finished product, usually by someone whose track record I like and respect. The overall trend with Pure Taboo I love, this one being no exception. The only time I had difficulty with suspension of disbelief regarded the solid skills of these two virgins :D ! The plot is surprising in that it is so believable. The nasty twist being the 'next time' uggghhhh :) . Watching the two of them dramatise the stages of grief, I was seriously impressed. His incel personality showing at the end. Probably too believable for some, more fantasy making the pill easier to swallow. The actors....brilliant, thanks for all the pleasure <3 :).

For non-ADULT adult entertainment, I have my PH Premium account, type in all of my 'gimme gimme' wants and voila. pablum for my cock. The analogy would be, Pure Taboo is my MMORPG while most of the rest are FPS . Unlike FPS , you don't plan sex irl, only as an individual, unless its yer own bits :D .
2019-08-16 14:50
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This was an okay episode not great but okay. 3X West's writing was alright, Craven direction was solid and both Aidra and Robby were enjoyable to watch but the whole thing felt a little boring. Now please do not get me wrong Aidra's portrayal of Sheena was brilliant, her character work and transitions were amazing and of course physically Aidra is absolutely stunning. I was also impressed with Robbie's subtle yet effective eye communication through out the entire episode. It might just come down to me and my disbelief of the situation. the whole "I'll show you I'm gay by fucking you" scenario just does not resonate with me, I mean maybe if Aidra had more distain and disgust while devouring her "boyfriends" cock and more overall reluctance in having sex with him. I feel like this episode has the same epic storytelling as any number of boring videos on Brazzers or any other generic porn site. The ending failed at any real plausible threat because of Aidra's seeming enjoyment of Robbie's cock. I feel like half the time in these episodes the acting is brilliant up until the sex starts then everyone somehow forgets their character motivations and just go on "porn autopilot" It shows seriously lack of any authoritative direction on Craven's part and comes across as lazy. I really feel we are experiencing life without Bree here in PureTaboo and it is not as good. Please Bree come back we need you.
2019-01-01 17:38
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She was also supposed to be a girl waiting for marriage to have sex... never with a girl nor man. Yet no direction was made to the fact that she was a "virgin" in the acting during any of the sex
2019-01-01 22:09
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Wait, Bree isnt writing for PT any more? Dammit! Well, nevermind re-upping my year sub. This 3X guy's stories are always basic and the "Im lesbian, let me fuck my man to prove it" story may be the dumbest in all of porn. If these types of standard videos are going to be the norm here, I'll go back to watching free porn.
2019-01-02 00:36
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Good MF episode. Robby playing the inexperienced character soon turned his heartbreak to blackmail and Aidra's character despite being a lesbian knew her way round a cock. The sex scene was good but far too long and Robby the performer was beginning to wilt towards the end but came with a reasonable pop-shot. A reworking of Converting My Sister.
2019-01-01 14:17
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Except what is there  to blackmail? A person committed to going gay is obviously ready to tell their parents, who are going to notice them dating the same sex. Stupid concept all around.
2019-01-02 00:38
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Aidra is a real hottie with a pretty face and a great body. Robbie has always done a great job of playing the guy who is determined to get his, no matter what the girl wants. The sex was very stimulating, no doubt. But I would prefer the ending to have been the beginning, putting Aidra's character at her boyfriend's mercy, desperate to keep him from revealing her secret to her family.
2019-01-01 13:34
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Ya gotta love those Aidra Fox dimples! So darn cute. Looking forward to this one. There is plenty of opportunity for reluctance here and still room for a happy ending for Aidra if not Robbie.
2018-12-27 14:15
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