Adult Time

Impregnating The Sitter

Grieving Husband Impregnates Teen To Fulfill Late Wife's Last Wish

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April (Alina Lopez), a teen babysitter, climbs the front steps of a residential home. For her, this is just another day. Another job and a few more dollars in her pocket, which she really needs. However, it looks like the man living in this home is well off because the place is HUGE!

She knocks on the door and a pleasant man (Dick Chibbles) greets her. 'Mr. Perry?' April greets with a smile. 'Yes, that's me. You must be April, welcome!' Trent says. April beams, saying that she's pleased to meet him and that she can't wait to meet the boys.

April moves into the living room with Trent, making some small talk where it's revealed that she's raising her younger brother. Her parents passed away, so it's all on her now. Trent is sympathetic, though he moves onto asking her questions that seem a little beyond small talk. What nationality is she, is she a gymnast, how's school going?

April politely answers all the questions the best she can, even if she's uncomfortable. When it comes to school, she admits that she wants to go into fashion, though money's a bit tight since she didn't get a scholarship. Trent seems intrigued and says, well, there's no shame in working for it!

April then asks where the kids are and he says they're in the playroom. He's just going to be gone for a few hours, so hopefully she won't have issues with them. When April asks when the wife will be home, though, Trent gets a bit dodgy. He simply says that she won't be coming home. She's at work and has a deadline, so... Anyway, is April ready to meet the kids? April smiles and says that she is and heads off down the hall where she's directed.

As she does, Trent walks behind her with a longing gaze. 'One hell of a mother...' he says under his breath.


CUT TO hours later, and April is tidying up the living room after having put the kids to bed. She picks up a few toys then moves to a table where there are crayons and a drawing. She sets the toys aside and smiles to herself. 'Aw, I wonder what they drew...?' she says to herself as she picks up the drawing. As soon as she gazes at it, her brows furrow with confusion.

It's a picture with stick figures, very much a child's drawing. There's a man labeled 'Dad' and a woman next to him labeled 'Claire.' They are surrounded by three kids, the boys. They all look happy. There's another woman off to the far side labeled 'Mom.' She is smiling too but a dark crayon has scribbled her out. The picture has a disturbing vibe.

'What does this mean?' April murmurs to herself as she tries to make sense of the picture. She's a little unnerved, putting the paper back down on the table.

Curious, she takes out her phone and does some research. She pulls up a search engine and searches Trent Perry's name. She quickly finds an obituary for his wife.

She hears movement behind her and whirls around. Trent is looming in the doorway, looking menacing. April's startled, demanding to know what the hell is going on in this house? She points to the page on her phone with his wife's obituary -- why is he lying?! Trent looks devastated as grief washes over him, though he shakes it off. 'Listen, I can explain...' he starts, begging for her to just hear him out.

April hurries to get out of there, but before she's out the door, Trent blurts, 'Have you ever had someone just DIE on you?'

April pauses, painfully remembering her parents' deaths, and remains, letting him have a chance to explain himself. He begins to tell her a sad story about how he and his wife had been trying to have a baby for YEARS. Then one day, they finally got lucky, though the doctor told her not to take the baby to term. She did, anyway, but died during childbirth, giving Trent their firstborn son. Even though he loves his son, he wished he'd been given a daughter because that's what they've always wanted.

April is wary, but moved by his plight, and says she's sorry for his loss. She was so confused by the picture... But who's Claire? Trent explains that Claire, the sweet young woman in that drawing, was a wet nurse for his son in that first year, someone he came to know very well in those dark days, and like April, she was someone with great maternal instincts. Desperate to rebuild his family, they made an arrangement in hopes of Claire giving him a daughter, but he got two other sons instead.

And now? Claire is gone...

When April asks where Claire is now, Trent dismisses the question. Instead, he says that he hopes that April can be the one to give him a daughter.

April is freaked out, flat-out refusing him, though Trent quickly assures her that she doesn't need to be in LOVE with him! He's just asking her to be the vessel for his daughter. Listen, April needs to pay for college, right? He can take care of that for her! Her younger brother? Trent can make sure he gets into the best private school. Money isn't an issue for him, he just needs a womb. It's just 9 months of April's life. Plus, she'd be fulfilling his wife's last wish...

April needs a few moments to think it over, conflicted. This is a lot to ask of someone, but she needs the money. She has to provide for her brother and she has big dreams for herself as well. Finally, she asks how much Trent can offer her, signaling that she's open to the deal.

Trent is relieved as he approaches April and takes her by the arm, their eyes meeting. Without saying a word, although there is a mutual understanding, he slowly leads her upstairs.

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There are some older guys, (u know the ones I mean in porn),  that I cant stand to see over and over again, but D.C. is not one of them! He just has that face that does it for me in this regard. And what a Lucky guy to get Alina Lopez! Ummm what a BABE! That snake tongue really does it for me. You lucky SOB D.C.     db
2019-06-14 21:56
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Dick Chibbles
thanks for the compliment,  actually alina and I have shot a few scenes now for puretaboo together,  just wait they get better and better.  lol   and yes I am a very lucky guy to have worked with alina, she's such a sweetheart.
2019-06-21 12:47
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I agree Dick. You and Alina definitely seem to have a chemistry going in your scenes.
2019-07-01 13:46
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This is Dick Chibbles at his finest. Don't get me wrong; Alina Lopez is a mouthwatering beauty, and she played this role with incredible passion. She showed fear, reluctance, compassion, and pure lust during her orgasms. A truly beautiful performance. But back to Chibbles, a true master at worshiping and enjoying the sexuality of the female body. This was another sterling performance for him. He took every kind of pleasure from the lovely Alina that any man in his position would want. His hands and mouth were everywhere on that perfect body long before he entered her with his cock. And both actors were spot on their performances during the creepy ending. Bravo PT, Alina, and Dick. This one is near the top of my favorites.
2019-01-29 17:06
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Much appreciation for the comment.  I went through a range of emotions on this one lol.  Alina was incredible to work with. As always i give credit to the writers the crew and of course craven for bringing the whole scenario together. And of course the best editors to creating the mood and pace for the fans to immerse into the scenes.
Once again thank you very much for the compliment
2019-03-16 12:12
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An amazing return to form for PureTaboo. This darkly creative tale is brilliant from start to finish, both writing and directing were smart and beautifully executed. Alina and Dick were a powerhouse ensemble creating believable and relatable characters. Dick's portrayal of Trent Perry was beautifully tortured and elegantly twisted, his simple juxtaposition of his wife and "happy family" was brilliant. Meanwhile Alina's heart-aching portrayal of April was exquisitely handled. Her depth of character work shown through right from the opening sequence and just continued to grow deeper and richer as the episode carried on. Her eye communication alone was truly stunning and gorgeous to watch. Huge kudos to both Dick and Alina for continuing their respective character thoughts and motives during the intensely erotic sex scene. I feel every female performer needs to watch Alina's performance to fully realize how to portray true reluctancy and real character struggle when having sex with someone you really don't want to have sex with. I hope in doing so these talented actresses will stop this ridiculous default to generic "pornstar sex mode" every time and start communicating some real character struggle. Of course I would be amiss if I failed to mention Dick's amazing juxtaposition which in turn gave Alina a lot to work with in the sex scene. All in all it was a brilliantly disturbing piece of erotica the kind that make PureTaboo so worthwhile. Keep up the great work, everyone.
2019-01-24 14:12
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Thank u so much for the kind words. Shooting w alina was a pleasure and btw her skin is soooo silky smooth. It wasnt too hard to worship her body. Lol.  Kudos to the crew and of course the editors for making everything from the lighting the camera work and cutting together the leading in dialogue. So many times that is overlooked they are the ones that truly tell the story.
2019-03-16 12:06
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Alina is amazing here...  no surprise there... and the screwing the babysitter theme never gets old, no matter what twist is put on it...
2019-01-23 14:58
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Best video since Uncle Fucker and Second Parents
2019-01-22 22:41
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Thank you for the comments everyone, I appreciate the feedback and of course I take what you like and apply it to the next episode they book me for, and of course your citizism and work towards performing and acting a more perfect scene for the fans. and yes alina was AWESOME to work with.
2019-01-22 16:22
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I am still waiting for Officer Chibbles to get his comeuppance from Tiffany Watson following Right to Refuse in a scenario I outlined but in the sites present status it is unlikely.
2019-01-24 02:13
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Outstanding MF episode. Possibly Dick Chibbles best performance as a man obsessed. His character showed pathos and menace, what happened to Clare? Alina coerced by the need for money. The sex was excellent with Chibbles gentle, maybe not believing his luck to have such a vessel as Alina, and again with a hint of menace when holding Alina's throat. Alina's tongue was not evident in the sex as she was not trying to seduce Chibbles but trying to restrain the pleasure she was getting. The ending fitted his obsession as Alina pondered her fate and of Clare's.  Alina told Dick she was not a virgin; could the pill scupper his plan and her fate??
2019-01-22 11:24
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