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Angry Ex Gets Revenge by Hate-fucking His Ex's New Lesbian Girlfriend

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Starring Riley Reyes, Mr. Pete
Video Description: HOMEWRECKER

A young woman, Evie (Riley Reyes), is enjoying a peaceful day at home when there's a knock on the door. A cableman (Mr. Pete) politely greets her, but Evie is confused since she didn't call him to have anything fixed. The confusion is cleared up when they work out that Evie's girlfriend, Casey, is the one who put in the work order. Satisfied, Evie lets the man in to do his job.

However, things take an unsettling turn when Evie catches the cableman ogling a framed picture of her and her girlfriend. Although he brushes it off and plays innocent, Evie is further unnerved when she catches him wandering off through the apartment, NOT doing his job. She starts to suspect that something isn't right and is about to call her girlfriend in secret when the cableman suddenly reappears.

'Who ARE you?!' she demands, though isn't expecting what she gets in response. The man is none other than Mitchell, Casey's ex -- the same man Casey left to be with Evie. To say he's upset that his girlfriend left him for another girl is an understatement. Mitchell believes that Evie corrupted Casey, stealing her away from him. He wants Casey to know what it's like to have your heart shattered into a million pieces...

And he's going to make Evie, Casey's beloved, help him.

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Amanda MacDonald
Its good but I would have liked to see more overt force rather than just coercion.  More rapey please!
2019-05-31 12:12
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I like her reluctance. Not so much the spitting and the nose jewelry that makes Riley look like she needs to blow her nose. She has a nice body, and the sex was pretty good. Not one I will download, but not terrible either.
2019-05-30 12:02
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St. Ames
I agree NightOwl61a. I liked Ms. Riley's reluctance also. There's a little comedy in this film too! This is another great movie from the Pure Taboo Channel.
2019-08-01 00:13
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