Half His Age - Part 2

The Threat

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Video Description: Later that night, Heather (Kristen Scott) texts Lola (Jill Kassidy) to meet. When the girls get together, Heather shows her the video and threatens to expose the girl and her teacher unless she meets her demands. This sends Lola into a panic and, before she knows it, she's hit Heather over the head and knocked her out. She knows Mr. Davies (Charles Dera) is with his wife (Cherie DeVille) but doesn't know what to do ... so she calls him at home anyway. Meanwhile, Mr. Davies is having sex with his wife when the phone rings. It's his teenage lover having a complete freak out. In a desperate attempt to calm her down and not raise suspicions, Mr. Davies tells her to put Heather in her car and meet him at his family's cottage. He makes up an excuse to his wife and takes off. When he arrives there, Mr. Davies bring the girl inside while Lola is crying out of stress and start to talk over what to do next. Mr. Davies knows that he is in serious trouble, not only with the school board but as an accessory to a kidnapping, so he tries to remain level headed. But his teen girlfriend is having a complete panic attack so he ends up putting her to bed too. While he paces back and forth to think of a plan in the other room, Heather wakes up. Realizing what has happened to her, she decides to confront the teacher. She uses the victim card and ends up persuading him into fucking her too ... which he does.

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I had to leave a comment here to say, oxymoronically, I'm speechless. Part 2 is without doubt the hottest piece of adult entertainment, erotic art, porn or whatever you want to call it - that I've ever seen. So imaginative, beautifully written and powerfully performed. More Charles Dera and Cherie DeVille please! (More Kristen and Jill too, of course, but you seem to have got that covered!)
2018-03-18 13:16
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Dark does NOT = sexy.
2018-03-08 11:23
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Another amazing addition. My only nit pick if you had Cherie DeVille at home doing that dirty talk could you even think about anyone else. This scene was really a mindfuck. Really well done. Everyone should be very proud.
2018-02-09 02:08
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Just amazing to watch the cinematic quality of this....the technical aspects, yes -- cinematography, lighting, sound, etc -- but also the writing, the acting, the direction.   Actually loved watching the camera circle Kris during her confrontation with Jill....the acting was seriously Oscar caliber, and the dizzying camera work made the point of impact that much more powerful.   That's a director who knows his shit. 
The sex was top notch, of course, but it's still fascinating and a little weird to see how very little this feels like porn and more like art.   In so many ways, the sex is visceral, real, even ugly in places.  Feels more like watching real people in these situations, not actors and actresses watching a camera and hitting their cues.  

And I gotta say that Charles Dera is the man.  Honestly the first I've seen of him, but I'm already a fan, both as a swordsman and as an actor.   He's got real charisma that makes him perfect for this role; hope y'all get to shoot him many many more times. 

I'm in awe of the quality, really I am.  This is what I've waited pretty much my whole life for -- somebody who could prove that sex and art don't have to be in two separate theaters.
2017-10-06 21:41
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Bree Mills
Thank you Brett :)
2017-10-09 10:36
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It just gets better and better.Great sex with great storytelling..

Again thank you for everyone involved
2017-09-28 11:19
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This episode had me shook! I don't know what's in store for the rest of this story but I am excited to see what happens next! The cinematography, the lighting, the performances - Top notch! 
What I absolutely love about it is we don't get to see the "pop shot" at the end of this episode. We see Jill's character weeping in the other room as she hears the man she loves have sex with the girl who is blackmailing them. And what that tells me is that this whole story is going to focus more on characters and the story itself. The sex is just part of that story and is there to serve it. And I am truly excited about it. 

The other thing I love is that just from the first episode, I thought it was going to be a dark story about two characters who are making bad and dangerous decisions. Which that is a big part of it! But what was revealed to me in this episode was that this is taking us to a more psychological place! And that excited me! The scene where the husband and wife are having sex; ok let me just start it out here - The moment Cherie's character even suggests the fantasy to her husband to get him interested in having sex with her, right when she suggests it, there is this half a second, momentary change in her facial expression that I noticed that told me so much. What I took from just that tiny change in her expression for half a second was that 1. Even though she suggested the fantasy, she doesn't really wanna go there just to get her husband interested in her sexually. She may even feel a little disgusted by it. 2. I think she knows more about what her husband is doing than what she's leading on. Cherie is divine and such a great character actress! Her subtleties are so engaging!

So in closing, all of this is just getting me more intrigued and I feel like this is definitely a mark of great storytelling. I love it! Can't wait to see the next episode!
2017-09-28 05:00
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Hey there! Very glad you liked it! We definitely worked very hard on this feature.  And you are right, there is absolutely a psychological evolution in the characters... wait till you see the big ending!
2017-09-28 08:17
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Bree Mills
I am so glad you are enjoying it so far CineFilly.  I agree that Cherie's performance is so understated and powerful.  That's why I love working with her as an actress. Just wait till you see part 3 :)
2017-09-28 10:20
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