Adult Time

Future Darkly: The Love Hotel

Robot Self-Destructs After A Night Of Sex With Her Clients

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Video Description: THE LOVE HOTEL

SCENE opens on a dark bathroom. From a birds-eye angle over the tub, the lights in the room turn on as a woman known only as unit #30562 (Emily Willis) floats in the milky bath water. She opens her eyes, calmly getting out of the tub and drying herself off. She has a perfectly proportioned body. She walks over to a large mirror and, pressing her fingertips in the lower right corner, causes the mirror to illuminate before it turns into a smart screen. A message pops up, thanking unit #30562 for signing in. 'Are you ready for your next shift?' The mirror asks in a soft female voice. #30562 says yes and the screen loads her itinerary for the evening. It explains that her first guest will be a returning client: John Doe, 57 years old, solar sales manager, 6'0'' tall, 165 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes. His kinks include school girls, anal sex, ass worship, rimming, ATM. Past crypto tips include 8000 tokens: extra rough, 10000 tokens: novelty take home, and 500 tokens: kissing on the mouth. Accept client? 'Accepted,' says #30562. As the smart screen processes the order and a confirmation appears, the door buzzes.

#30562 opens the door and John Doe (Steve Holmes) enters, breezing into the room in a silver bomber jacket and matching wraparound mirrored glasses. He looks her up and down lustfully before pulling out a card and inserting it into the reader. A hologram screen pops up and confirms that the tokens have been accepted. #30562 takes a deep breath, puts on a big smile, and guides John over to the bed. She bends over, and he buries his face in her perfect ass, before sliding his cock inside her tight hole. After he pulls out and cums on her ass, she asks if he would like to kiss and he eagerly agrees. The room flashes green and replies to confirm the extra gratuity. They make out for a few moments before John Doe happily puts his clothes back on and leaves the room.

#30562 goes back to the mirror and stares at herself for a moment, emotionless. She presses the tips of her fingers against the glass and the smart screen wakes up. It explains that her next guest is also a returning client: Richard Roe, 30 years old, space tourism guide, 5'10'' tall, 170 lbs, auburn hair, blue eyes. Kinks include rough sex, breath play, collaring, fisting, and golden showers. Note from management: client is limited to rough sex after last session resulted in damages. Accept client? 'Accepted,' says #30562. As the smart screen processes the order and a confirmation appears, she stares at herself blankly and the door buzzes.

CUT to the door opening. Richard (Charles Dera) enters briskly. He backs #30562 in a corner and places his hand around her throat, his lips curling up in a sneer to reveal shiny gold teeth. 'Remember me?' He growls. She smiles and advises him to scan his card. The man backs off slowly, places his card into the reader, and a hologram screen pops up to confirm his tokens have been accepted. #30562 takes a deep breath and walks over to him. He hoists her over his shoulder and goes to the bed. Throwing her onto the bed, he licks her tight pussy, getting it nice and wet before he fucks her hard. At a certain point, he is about to pee on her when the room flashes red and reminds him that this activity has been blocked. Frustrated, he shoves his dick back in #30562's pussy and keeps fucking her till he pulls out and cums on her face. While the woman catches her breath and wipes the cum from her eyes, Richard gathers his things and leaves without a word.

When #30562 stands up, she finds herself very dizzy. The room beeps red and instructs her to return to her charging station. She crawls to a corner of the room and stands on a white platform to recharge. As soon as her feet plant on top of the station, she becomes still while her body powers up.

CUT to an hour later. #30562 is still charging, eyes closed, when the door buzzes. She opens her eyes and steps off the platform, walking to the mirror in the bathroom to accept the next client but discovers the screen is off. The room buzzes again. #30562 goes and opens the door anyway. A naked woman (Penny Pax) steps inside, clutching a holographic bag. #30562 has never seen another woman before and she is awestruck. 'Please scan your card here...' she says to the woman. The woman looks at her for a long time and feels #30562's face, trying to hold back tears, before reaching into her bag and pulling out a coin. 'Is this accepted?' She begs. #30562 takes the coin into her hand and stares at it. She's never seen anything like it before. She places it on the counter beside the card reader. 'What would you like to do to me this evening?' She asks the woman. Biting her lip and trying to contain her nervous energy, the woman reaches back into her bag and pulls out a shiny silver dildo. 'I want you to fuck me as hard as you can.' She says. #30562 takes the dildo and puts on a big smile, leading the woman to the bed. Unit #30562 may be programmed to please, but this latest client of The Love Hotel is not who she seems, and by the time she's done with #30562, the sexbot's world will never be the same.

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somebody get emily willis a feature. the realness and believability she brought to this was incredible
2019-01-04 17:07
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Dark Bagger
I don't usually give .5 in movie ratings, but this was basically perfect.

Emily Willis is the perfect choice for this. She is so pretty in the classic beauty way (which makes sense for a prostitute robot), and has a great body; nice and slim. But enough about that; she's also a Hollywood level actress. The way she acts as a robot who is acting is hard to execute, but she pulls it off perfectly. We never doubt the true emotions behind her facade, but it's still a good enough facade that a horny old man would suspend disbelief. Perfect!

The two first scene would usually bore me. But Emily is so attractive that I was very happy to watch those scenes through. Those two first scene, as "typical" as they may have been, seemed to be
showing the audience what the day in the life of a prostitute is, and it
was enlightening. My only criticism is that the second scene involved long repetitive actions. I don't need to see 10 minutes of essentially the same action; it might as well be an animated GIF.

But nothing prepared me for that last scene. How erotic that was! The desire from Penny was so believable. The confusion from Emily was almost disturbing. The making out and oral sex was all so passionate. The choice of having Emily lay on her back first while Penny explored her was too much for my poor nuts to handle.

The very ending, when Penny was going full mad and there was "something wrong here" was of course, not erotic. But I don't think it was intended. It was a good ending narrative to a truly erotic and touching tale.
2018-11-09 23:52
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Emily Willis
Thank you so much ❤️ Wow wow wow!!!
2018-11-12 02:32
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I was pretty board with the first two scenes and somewhat regretting my subscription renewed today. Then Penny Pax appeared st the door.
2018-10-29 23:30
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more schoolgirls 
2018-10-29 07:28
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I pretty much added this masterpiece to my favorites as soon as I heard about it . Once again Bree, you and your fucking awesome series have brought us another stellar episode. Emily is quickly becoming my favorite actress, her three distinct characters were so well defined and brought to life by her not to mention her gorgeous eye communication that engrossed me from the opening shot till the earth shattering end. Penny as well was simply amazing, the sense of heartbreak and longing she communicated through her character was brilliant.  I loved the whole set up of three distinct sex scenes but have to admit my favorite was the last one, there is just something about two stunningly beautiful women being so intimate and tender with each other that makes me crumble every time and that visceral heartbreaking ending was glorious.  Bree thank you so much for the love and passion you give to each and every one of your artistic creations, this series continues to be my favorite, I can not wait to see what else you have in store for us.
2018-10-28 20:56
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why cant i download
2018-10-26 10:13
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This girl Emily Willis is so hot and she has a Perfect Pussy I don't know why those guys don't  spend more time licking that beautiful pussy and that butthole more. I'd love to see her  in more Daddy Daughter scenes, this girl is off the charts   hot.thought my pecker was going to rip through the skin love this girl!!!!
2018-10-25 21:08
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For starters, the Doc Brown look and Marty McFly hat was just wrong. Why you gotta do BTTF like that? LOL Not into girls with no curves, so I skimmed through the first two parts to get to Penny.  It was quickly obvious she was a robot too.  In the end I felt nothing for robots. A sequel where they hire real girls and the clients still think they can abuse them like robots would be better, and what this premise should have been to begin with IMO.  Emily Willis would be good in a Popeye spoof because shes got Olive Oyl written all over her.
2018-10-25 16:27
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An incredible acting job by an incredibly beautiful actress. Fascinating script. Love the range of emotions that ran across Emily's face. I really enjoyed getting three different looks at such a beautiful woman. Kudos to your make-up artist, although she had a lot to work with in Emily. These actresses clearly love the challenging roles, and Emily was perfect here. Great anal sex and anal fingering from the first client. I can imagine some of your rough sex fans wanted it rougher from the second client, but it was just right for my taste. Penny Pax is a star for a reason. Her scene with Emily was stunning. It was slow, tender, and passionate with Emily receiving multiple levels of pleasure in wide-eyed wonder. Sad to see the androids self-destruct. Apparently it will be difficult to manufacture machines that can stand up to the depths that human passion can reach.
2018-10-25 14:25
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An MF, MF, FF episode featuring Emily Willis in all three scenes. The first with Steve (Mick Jagger) Holmes in  an anal scene; good to know androids are self lubricating in the future. The second with Charles Dera teased us with a piss in mouth, something Emily has done on other sites, but did deliver an excellent pop-shot to her mouth. The discarded crystal seemingly insignificant. The third scene with Penny Pax erotic at first, straight from Girlsway,  became darker to a very grim ending. Thumbs up for the sex but it is so deep into an androids mind (Bladerunner) it is difficult to rate.
Still waiting for the first male android in Future Darkly.
2018-10-25 06:31
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