Future Darkly: The Aura Doll

Woman Agrees To Have Threesome Sex With Man And Silicone Love Doll

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Video Description: THE AURA DOLL

SCENE opens on the outdoor patio of a quiet café. Becca (Whitney Wright), a mild-mannered college student, sits quietly reading when her friend arrives with a pair of coffees. Putting her book aside, they hug and sit down to catch up, sipping their beverages and small talking about life and their plans for the next semester. Becca's phone suddenly buzzes. It's a notification from a dating site she's subscribed to, telling her she's got a new match. Becca looks embarrassed, but her friend encourages her to swipe and check out the man's profile. After all, she did say she wanted to get out more after her breakup, right? Becca nods. The man is handsome, older, and has messaged her, asking if she would be interested in a threesome with him and his girlfriend. The thought of this makes Becca blush but her friend encourages her to write back. 'That app is vetted, I use it all the time!' she says. 'What's the worst that's going to happen? You have a funny story to tell?' Becca bites her lip and asks for reassurance. Should she should really write him back? The friend nods. 'Totally,' she says, sipping her coffee as the camera pans down Becca's unsure face to the profile she is staring at.


Becca stands in the bathroom mirror, in her bra and panties. She is staring at herself, trying to psych herself up for her date when her phone buzzes again. The man she met on the app, Robert, has texted her directly. 'We can't wait to meet you tonight!' She bites her lip before turning back to stare at herself in the mirror. A slight smirk crosses her face. She's excited.

Cut to Robert's house. Becca knocks and nervously straightens herself out, when Robert (Tommy Pistol) opens the door. He is calm and inviting, exclaiming how breathtakingly beautiful she is and extending his hand to lead her inside. The living room has been set up with candles and wine, which he offers, and she accepts. They small talk for a few minutes, mostly about how nervous and excited they both are. It's their first time doing this. Becca is very charmed by the mild-mannered man and even allows herself to get closer to him, as they both start to gear up for their hookup together. But someone is missing. She casually asks Robert where his girlfriend is. 'Oh, she's just in the next room,' he says confidently. 'We were putting the finishing touches on dinner. Would you like to meet her?' Becca nods and they stand up to walk in the other room, where a full dinner has been laid out on a nicely decorated dining table.

A woman sits frozen at the end of the table, her back to Becca. Robert starts to rant about the lovely meal they have prepared and how excited his girlfriend, Harper, is about their night together while Becca stares at the woman's backside. A chill runs down her spine. Why isn't the woman moving? She slowly turns to look at the man whose hand is now grazing her back. 'Robert....?' She begins to say when, nervously, the man pulls Becca into the room fully to introduce Harper. A silicone love doll, dressed neatly in a party dress, has been propped up in a chair waiting for them. Becca's eyes go wide, and her mouth drops open in shock, as she backs away from the table and the man's grasp. 'What is wrong with you?' She gasps, grabbing her bag while he chases after her.

Robert pleads with her to stop, to listen to him, to listen to them. Yes, it is an unconventional relationship, but his love for Harper goes far beyond just a toy. Since his actual wife died years ago, she has been his only true source of comfort. The only woman who wouldn't reject him. It was her attention and affection that helped him gain the confidence to start dating again. To try the app. It was her loyalty that made him feel like a whole person again. Couldn't she please just try to be understanding? She seemed so open-minded while they were chatting. Harper isn't just a doll, she is a real woman, just one made of silicone. If she would only stay and try it, she might even enjoy the experience. As Robert rambles on, Becca backs up to the door, her mind racing. She is able to stammer 'No thank you. I'm not interested. Please don't contact me again!' before running off into the night.

That night, as Becca lies in bed, she dreams that Harper is lying beside her. In her dream, she begins to caress and kiss the silicone woman's body as the camera cuts back and forth between her fantasy and her tossing in her bed. Finally, she opens her eyes to find herself alone and breathing heavily.

The next day, Becca sits beside her bed, distracted. She keeps picking up the phone but there has been no contact from Robert. She stares at his profile longingly, wishing she could see Harper's face too.

Later that evening, Becca lays on her bed, looking at her laptop. She searches 'silicone woman' and pulls up a website called AuraDolls.com. Scrolling through it, she discovers the Harper model and stares at it. She can't help but be turned on by the thought of being with her. She knows what she needs to do. She closes the laptop and, grabbing her purse, leaves the apartment.

Robert sits in his bedroom, quietly reading beside Harper, when he hears someone slam the front door and run up his stairs. Nervously, he gets out of bed to confront them when Becca appears in his bedroom doorway. She is frazzled and full of adrenaline. 'Becca! How did you get in here?' He asks, confused. She walks up and kisses him boldly on the mouth. 'I let myself in, I hope you don't mind.' She whispers. It's the first time a real woman has kissed him in years and Robert melts at her touch. She looks at the doll sitting in the bed. 'I want to try it,' she whispers in his ear. Robert starts to tear up, as he looks at the two women in his bedroom. He takes Becca's hand and pulls back the cover to his bed to invite her in.

Tentatively, Becca begins to caress Harper's face, asking Robert if she can kiss Harper. Robert hops onto the bed and puts his arm around Harper, telling Becca that she's very affectionate. Becca climbs up onto the bed and moves towards Harper. She confesses to Robert that she's very nervous, but he reassures her, telling her that there's nothing to be nervous about. Becca can treat her like a real person. Becca delicately kisses Harper's soft lips before turning her attention to Robert and kissing him. Soon the two pull away from each other and slowly peel the negligee off of Harper's chest. Robert leads Becca in caressing Harper's full breasts as Becca gasps. Robert takes off Becca's shirt as she lays down next to Harper. Slipping off the rest of Becca's clothes, Robert trails kisses down her thighs, lightly tonguing her clit before spreading Harper's legs and licking her pussy. Alternating between Harper and Becca, Robert eats both of them out hungrily.

Becca may have been hesitant at first, but now that she's gotten to know Harper, can she ever live without the Aura Doll again?

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Finally a porn parody of the excellent, "Lars and the Real Girl", thank you so much Bree.  Wow, the second season of the Future Darkly series starts off with a highly erotic bang. Bree once again amazes us with her writing and superb eye in directing this Sci Fi masterpiece. All three performers worked brilliantly as a well orchestrated ensemble creating a relatable and believable scenario. Tommy's portrayal of Robert was tender, heartbreaking and completely authentic, which just reflected his rich character work that he brings to every single role he performs. Whitney once again turns in yet another Oscar worthy performance, her command of character development, juxtaposition and emotional integrity is absolutely stellar, not to mention her gorgeous eye work that can bring grown men to their knees. Whitney is a beautiful women whose talents truly know no bounds. A huge thank you to all involved with this wonderful production, Future Darkly continues to be my personal favorite series and this episode is the reason why. Thanks.
2019-02-16 16:18
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Where was the SciFi masterpiece? It was not the future, no android, no Ai, no special effects, a sex doll anybody can buy in a sex shop. Ok as a PureTaboo educational entry but not FutureDarkly. Of course you don't have to pay the doll so it is a cost cutting exercise if she turns up on Girlsway in lots of lesbian scenes.
2019-02-17 04:17
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Fair point. To me the Future Darkly series represents pushing boundaries past comfort zones and for me that is what science fiction is all about. Some stories are more of an internalization of psychological idioms and norms, which this episode touches on beautifully. Sci-Fi is not all about robots, AI and spectacular special effect, sometimes it is subtle and internal. Of course that is just my humble opinion. Still we can agree that both Tommy and Whitney did some amazing performing, I mean Tommy's character's breakdown when Becca left was completely heart-wrenching, I was in tears.
2019-02-17 12:05
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I am disappointed that Harper is not listed as a cast member with her own bio.
2019-02-15 00:06
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I was thinking the same thing.
2019-02-15 20:31
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OMG, this is one of the hottest videos I have ever seen. The chemistry between Tommy and Whitney is simply molten, it is so hot. Possibly the most sensuous kissing ever in a porn video. I especially loved watching Whitney sandwiched between Tommy and the doll. And I loved watching his hands in Whitney's long, thick hair. Once her character decided to give the role play a try, she completely took my breath away all the way through. Love the final camera shot of the three of them resting on the bed. They all look so content. It's amazing. One tiny, but exciting detail I just have to mention is Whitney's panties. The scene itself is darkly lit, and when they suddenly gave us that flash of bright color, it really made my pulse rate jump. I love those surprising details that Bree seems to work into every episode at some point. And I might actually buy one of those dolls if I didn't think my wife would leave me.   :-)  Honestly, every time I think Whitney Wright can't possibly get any sexier, she finds a role that pushes her up one more rung on the ladder.
2019-02-14 10:01
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Whitney Wright
I always look forward to reading your comments on here, thank you. :) I really tried to immerse myself into this role, I'm OBSESSED with the outcome, if you couldn't tell. Haha. ;)
2019-02-15 01:31
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Thank you for the compliment, WW. Hopefully by my comments you can tell how much I look forward to everything you star in. And the comments on these boards show that you have many fans who feel the same way, including Bree.
2019-02-15 11:43
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what a magnificent actress, Whitney tu es très crédible,
you are very credible,
we really like this movie and the tension you create, ESther & Olivia From Paris ! FRance !!
2019-02-18 11:54
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once again it looks like Whitney is pushing the boundaries and her limits,  im very interested in what might cum about with this one, looks very interesting, perhaps one of the most intriguing on the site so far.
and as always Whitney looks absolutely incredible.
Mr pistol well it looks like he is going to be awesome in this as well. ive loved every episode that he has appeared in on the site as well, such a versatile actor
2019-02-12 20:17
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Thank you, Norm! I don't know if I've said it on here already, but this was a fun, challenging role to do. I absolutely loved it though. I was out of my comfort zone working with an inanimate object/ person but I loved taking it on and making this story.
2019-02-13 02:15
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