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Cum Inside

Teen's Creampie Hookup Ad Draws Unwanted Attention From Intruder

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Video Description: CUM INSIDE

SCENE OPENS on a teen, Meg (Gianna Dior), in her bra and panties on her bed. She is sensually humping a pillow between her legs, moaning as she thrusts into it. She's holding her phone in her other hand, and every time she gets a message she slows her humping to look at the phone and type a response. 'Yes, I AM all alone right now, my parents won't be back for hours...' she says out loud with a smile as she types and then sends the message. She goes back to playing with herself.

A few moments later, her phone sounds again. 'Yes, I AM over 18 - eggplant emoji,' she says, dictating her text all the way down to the emoji she adds for effect. She goes back to pleasuring herself. Seconds pass, and her phone sounds a third time. 'Oooh, I can't wait for you to cum inside me,' she says as she types. She sends the text, and then types up another message. 'My address is...'. She hits send. Almost instantly, she gets a single one-line reply, which we see displayed on the phone. 'see you soon.' it reads.

With a smile, Meg puts down the phone and gets back to pleasuring herself with the pillow. Her ass is mesmerizing in her skimpy underwear as she bucks her hips back and forth. She licks a finger of her now free hand. She slips the finger through the waistband of her underwear and starts fingering her pussy, pressing in deeper as she backs into it after each thrust forward into the pillow. She enjoys this rhythm for about a half-minute, before pausing to pull a dildo and lube out of her nightstand drawer. She lowers her underwear and lubes up the dildo with gentle strokes of her hand over the plastic. Eagerly, she sticks it in her pussy, easing it deeper into herself with soft moans. She begins fucking herself with the dildo and fingering herself on the bed for several minutes.

Her phone sounds again, and Meg wonders aloud to herself as she picks up her phone whether he got lost. She looks at her messages and remarks that it's a message from another guy. She reads it silently to herself and bites her lip and grins. 'I'm busy for a little while... but how about in an hour?' she says as she types. She types with one hand, and we see her other hand playing idly with her lubed up pussy as she waits for a response. 'Sure, I can host. I'll text you the address...' She types rapidly into her phone and hits send. She starts to type another message - 'I can't wait for you to...' At the moment where she would say the words 'cum inside', we cut to the title plate of the same name.


CUT TO another day, Meg is wearing some casual clothing and milling about her bedroom. She is dancing energetically as she tidies up her room. Her booty shakes enticingly as she moves. We watch from a male gaze POV for a good half-minute. Then, suddenly, we cut to a different POV, a voyeuristic one watching her dancing from outside her window which is ajar. We cut back to the interior of her room, then back again to the voyeur's perspective.

Meg finishes cleaning and then decides to unwind with a bath. We watch her undress from the interior male gaze POV, though we see the tail end of her undressing and her leaving the room from the voyeur POV. After a few seconds of staring into the empty room, the voyeur POV seems to get up and walk forward.

CUT TO inside the washroom, where Meg is naked and is turning on the water for the bathtub. She checks the temperature of the water with her hand, then makes an impatient face. She waits for a few moments awkwardly. Suddenly she hears a faint creaking sound from the other room. She cranes her neck to listen, then asks if anyone is there. She peeks around the bathroom door and sees a strange man (Seth Gamble) looking back at her.

The intruder is standing calmly, hands in the pockets of his ratty jacket, his hood up over his head. He looks tough and intimidating. Meg's heart is racing and her breath is shallow and panicked, clearly frightened by the stranger standing just to the side of the doorway out of the bathroom.

She asks him what he's doing, how did he get in here? The stranger replies 'You left your door open,' in an eerily calm soft voice. His calmness just makes Meg even more nervous, and she shrinks back a bit. Why is he here? 'I got your invite,' the intruder answers. Meg looks him up and down, still frightened but also confused. She didn't send him any invites. The intruder tells her softly that she should be more careful with giving out her address so freely online. The internet can be such a scary place.

Meg tries to muster up the courage to seem less afraid than she really is. 'I'm not really in the mood for sex right now,' she says, trying to reason with him. 'That's too bad,' he replies sounding disappointed, 'I am.' Meg gulps and tries to ignore his reply. She tries to lie, and suggests that maybe he could give her his contact information and they could hook up another time. The intruder pouts and says why not do it now? He's here, she's naked, now seems like as good a time as any.

Meg insists a bit more strongly that now is NOT a good time. 'Oh... ok...' the intruder says disappointed but doesn't press the issue further. Meg waits expecting him to say something, move, leave, but he just stands there. Her voice wavers as she asks why he won't leave. 'YOU can leave,' he says almost as an invitation, 'the door's right there.'

She stands still in place, terrified. Almost tauntingly, he follows up by asking her what she's waiting for. She starts to walk towards the door, slow and hesitant, and gets a couple of steps forward until he makes a quick gesture causing her to flinch backwards - nothing violent, just something to spook her. He laughs almost playfully, he was just teasing her. She really can just walk right past him if she wants to leave. What is she afraid of? But instead of walking forward again, Meg shrinks back further into a corner.

The intruder remarks that it seems like she doesn't want to leave, it seems like she wants to stay. 'Please,' Meg begs, but is too scared to get more words out besides incoherent mumbling. The intruder takes a step forward into the room, and asks please what? Please fuck her? That's all he's been asking to do all along. Meg shakes her head but can't manage to choke out any other words. The intruder says he'll leave if he can fuck her. That's what she wants, right? Meg clutches at the towel barely covering her body and nods yes, still not able to form any words. The intruder asks that she meant she wants him to fuck her, right? Because it almost seemed like she nodded because she wanted him to leave. But the invite said she wanted to get fucked.

Meg puts her hands over her face in desperation, then after a moment of reflection she gives in. Yes, she says defeatedly, she'll let him fuck her if he promises to leave after. As he starts unzipping his pants, the intruder says matter-of-factly that of course he'd leave after, this isn't his house.

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Really wish she was resentful more consitenly.  Look forward to seeing her again. Hopefully in a roll similar to a episode on here. I think it was called jekyl or somthing. It was a Step daughter black mail yes daddy episode. Very erortic.
2019-02-22 22:46
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A simple yet wistful bit of wickedness. I feel this has got to be one the best most erotic opening sequences on PureTaboo. I mean Gianna is stunningly gorgeous and her superb character work in response to the texting set-up the episode beautifully. As for the writing and directing, they were okay, not great but okay. Although that missing piece of dialog at the end was very disappointing, I mean we invested in the story and the characters just to have the punchline flubbed up, not good PT, not good at all. But in spite of that technical glitch, I thought both Gianna and Seth had great chemistry and some nice juxtaposition. I could watch Gianna's eye communication forever, it is so good. While Seth once again nailed the menacing physicality of he character as well as the emotional manipulation. I did however struggle to find the "taboo" in this episode, it just felt like a boyfriend and girlfriend rapey roleplaying booty call. And again having Seth's last line muted out (or censored?) killed any threat or tension and left poor Gianna's character with an unexplained "violated victim" look on her face, a look that seemingly every PureTaboo episode ends on. Still both Gianna and Seth did a great job with what they had to work with and I am very much looking forward to more episodes with Gianna.
2019-02-15 19:49
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Gianna Dior is gorgeous, and if I was a woman, I would probably feel the same about Seth Gamble. Perfect bodies with some erotic tension at Gianna's initial reluctance and even fear. Some great full body contact too. Love the way he has his hands in her hair and talks in her ear. Love the interspersing of full body contact during sex. Seth didn't give those perfect breasts as much attention as I would have liked. But the real negative here for me wasn't the camera work. It was the face slapping and spitting in her mouth. Every time the erotic tension was building for me, he would do one or both of those things and kill the mood. Wish I had a way to edit that stuff out. Then it would be a favorite for sure.
2019-02-14 09:19
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Seth Gamble
I appreciate your response and will take it into consideration Thankyou for the positives and outlooks i do what the girl likes and she likes the slapping and spitting I'm all about pleasing my Scene partner Thankyou for watching
2019-02-15 00:43
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Thanks for the reply Seth. I know every performer has their own set of likes and dislikes, as does every viewer. I love the fact that Pure Taboo offer such a wide variety of scripts. Everyone deserves to have their particular fetishes stroked at times. I hope you will just keep doing what the script calls for and you and your partner agree on. Pure Taboo will put you in roles that scratch my particular itch often enough.
2019-02-15 12:28
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WTF does he say at the end? The sound cuts out during the pivotal line. Lame
2019-02-12 02:01
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Well, maybe it's one of those deliberate artistic details this site is known for...who knows? :D
2019-02-12 04:22
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