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Call Waiting

Babysitter Teen Lies To Boyfriend Over Phone While Cheating On Him With Client's Son

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Video Description: CALL WAITING

SCENE OPENS on a teen girl Bianca (Jane Wilde) in a kitchen with her cell phone to her ear. She's chatting with her boyfriend Ethan. She is giggling wildly and gasping at the outrageous things he's saying on the other end of the line, which seem like provocative sexual advances. Bianca clearly loves the chase and is playing hard to get, telling him playfully to stop, he's so bad, she isn't even at her own house! He says he doesn't care but she remarks that he's just saying that now because he's horny. 'Am I horny too?' she repeats his question, and teasingly answers maaaaaybe a little, with an innocent grin as she moves into the living room and slips off her skirt, revealing her tiny thong and tight ass. She assures Ethan it's fine, the family she's babysitting for aren't due back for hours, she can be as loud as she wants. 'Oh yeah? I bet you are!' she responds to an unheard statement. She lies down on a living room chair and starts lightly tugging at the crotch of her panties, loosening them around her body. Her fingers push aside the loose fabric to reveal a glimpse of her pussy. Her fingers hover over it in anticipation. Bianca starts moaning a bit and says 'Yeah, I want you to do everything to me baby...' and slips off her panties, gently pushing a finger in with a light gasp. She dirty talks with her boyfriend over the phone as she rubs her wet pussy. Soon, things get more intense, and just as she's about to cum a young man, Seth (Jessy Jones), rounds the corner into the room and swears in surprise, demanding to know what the fuck is going on. Bianca gasps and swears loudly in surprise, and scrambles to cover herself. In a panicked voice she tells her boyfriend she'll have to call him back and hangs up suddenly.


She tosses the phone down and scrambles to pull up her panties and cover herself. She begins to try to apologize and explain herself, how she didn't think anybody else would be home, while at the same time Seth shouts over her what the fuck does she think she's doing, this is someone else's house. The sounds of their argument start to get drowned out as the camera pans away from them slowly and narrows in on the phone. We see on the phone display three texts are received in a row at rapid speed - 'Babe, what happened?' / 'What's going on?' / and finally 'u ok?! Call me.' As she hastily puts her panties back on, Bianca asks him what he's doing there. Does he live here or something? Seth explains that this is his dad's house, he's in college now but he comes back to crash for a weekend once in a while. But he shouldn't have to explain himself to some sixteen-year-old brat who he just caught fingerbanging herself in his parents' living room, he says angrily, tossing Bianca her shorts. Bianca huffs up and says she's 19 years old. Seth says that if that's true then she's old enough that she should know better. He tells her to get the fuck out of here. Bianca asks him to wait, and begs him not to tell his parents about this. Seth laughs in disbelief and asks why shouldn't he? Bianca says that word travels fast in the neighborhood. Her reputation would be ruined, not just as a babysitter but at school too. Her parents could even find out. Her life would be over!

Seth says that she should have thought of that before her little phone sex hotline action. Bianca protests - it wasn't a phone sex hotline, it was her boyfriend and they love each other. Seth can't help but laugh. Bianca asks what's so funny, and Seth says he can't tell whether it's cute or disturbing how naive she sounds right now. She's not even 20 and she's talking like she found her soulmate for life. Newsflash, it's only a matter of time before the two of them break up. Bianca is insistent, they DO love each other and Seth doesn't even know her, he has no idea what he's talking about. Seth perks up and says he can prove it. He'll make her a deal - he'll promise not to tell his parents what he caught her doing if she has sex with him.

Bianca is shocked and insulted, how could he ask her to have sex with him?! He's being disgusting! Seth shrugs and says that it's ok, they can just see what her parents and her friends think of her little indiscretion. Bianca thinks for a moment, and realizing what's at stake, takes in a deep sigh and says 'fine, but make it quick' before swearing under her breath and kneeling in front of him. He pulls out his massive dick from his boxers and tells Bianca to look him in the eyes as she starts to suck it. She sucks on his cock, desperate to make sure that he won't tell anyone. He leans in to kiss and Bianca refuses, saying that she may be doing this but she still loves her boyfriend and won't kiss Seth. Seth reminds Bianca about the bargain and that he could just as easily stop right here and tell everyone the truth. Bianca stares daggers at Seth but eventually relents and lets him kiss her. As Bianca gags on his hard dick, she gets a text and pulls away from Seth to answer it. Seeing that it's her boyfriend, she swears loudly. Seth doesn't give a fuck, and pulls her head back towards his dick, telling her that she needs to suck better than that or he'll answer it. But her boyfriend just keeps calling, and eventually Bianca has to answer it or he'll get suspicious. Committing the ultimate betrayal, Bianca lets another man spread his seed inside her as she dirty-talks her unsuspecting boyfriend over the phone.

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Absolutely fantastic ! I've seen may types of this  kind of scene over the years but this certainly tops the lot. Jane is one hell of sexy lady with an amazing body , i love the choice of clothes she is wearing for her role, credit to whoever.  Jane plays her role magnificently as does Jessy .Have not seen Jessy for a while so it was good to see him  back in action , would love to see more of Jane in the future
2019-01-09 08:29
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I love when you play with the idea of forced cuckolding
2018-10-29 19:46
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I don't know about the rest, but I loved this episode because it's the first porn vid that makes me laugh out loud, I mean the moment he says "You told me to cum inside you" just lol, assuming that he actually thought she was talking to him that was hilarious, always a pleasure to get a new PureTaboo with beautiful petite Jane Wilde
2018-10-20 19:54
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Wow! So Intense and Wow!!
2018-10-19 05:18
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she sure seemed to be getting into the sex ....thought it was good once again just do not understand the ending again....why cant she say man this was fantastic as that in it self is very PURE TABOO with her boyfriend  being on the phone...point is i doubt the video rating would change much for the last 60 seconds? and perhaps it would be more erotic and taboo
2018-10-18 21:05
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The taboo ending was that she was telling her boyfriend over the phone what she wanted him to do her if he was there, ie. come inside her and Jesse took it as the signal to do just that leaving her shocked at the end. The phone sex with the boyfriend had started at the beginning of the episode and he was ringing up during the episode to continue not knowing Jane was being blackmailed into sex with Jesse, hence the title Call Waiting.
2018-10-19 01:47
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A very enjoyable episode indeed. I swear to God that I would follow Jane over hills, over dales, to hell and back. She is so incredible to watch in every episode, her character motives and thoughts are always so well communicated and those eyes speak volumes especially that final look, it was truly heart-wrenching.  Jessy's performance was solid and really well played without being an annoying, although the creampie ending was a little underwhelming it still was a nice touch.  Keep up the good work and I'm still waiting for you, PureTaboo to turn up the volume and really scare us with something earth shattering, I mean come on it is the month of Halloween, we need something truly terrifying that makes us question our own unique depravity...pretty please.:)
2018-10-18 16:01
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How about a couple of girls going through a haunted house and one or  more of the scary characters (demon, zombie, ogre, vampire) captures the girls and has fun with them in a side room or even in the middle of the haunted house scenes where everyone cane see? No one helps them, because no one believes it's real.
2018-10-19 11:59
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more more more of These Young helpless Teens. best Videos in premium sector!!! :)
2018-10-18 14:05
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One of the best ever on this site or anywhere. You can never go wrong casting Jane Wilde with that perfect face and body. She has wonderful range in her acting too. I always love this level of reluctance, and the pace of the sex was just how I like it. Jesse did a nice job of exploiting Jane's vulnerability without a bunch of shouting. Jane has that devilish little grin when she is enjoying phone sex with the boyfriend and that sexy-as-hell pout when she is being the very reluctant submissive. The transition from sad little sex toy to highly aroused sex partner was perfectly smooth. And she surrenders to her climaxes very sweetly. She never loses her character's emotions. You could tell exactly when her libido took charge, and it was beautiful. A little less oral would have been good, although Jane's sexy little mouth looks so hot wrapped around a big cock. More full body contact during sex would have been a plus. The camera just begs for the guy to hold her close. More soft kissing around Jane's neck, shoulders, and ears would have been very sexy too. There is a split second of Jane full-frontal as she walks toward the camera to get the phone. If that had lasted two full seconds, it would have made me groan with lust. Those last few comments are not meant to be negative. This episode is superb, and I can never get enough Jane Wilde.
2018-10-18 10:46
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Enjoyable MF episode. A simple baby sitter story with a twist towards the end that I thought was coming much earlier but as Jane had a cock in her mouth for half the episode,  it could not.  It comes down to if you like the performers. I did. Miniscule creampie to finish lost amongst the lube?
2018-10-18 10:11
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Jane is such a sexy little bitch. I could fuck her for days.:-) Cool scene!
2018-10-18 04:04
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