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Uma Jolie


Height : 5'3"

Weight : 110

Eye Color : Green

Date of Birth : 1995-04-08

Zodiac : Aries

Hobbies : Hiking and getting lost in the wilderness

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Uma Jolie's Biography :

Uma Jolie is an Aries and was born Fairbank. She grew up in LA. While growing up, she always wanted to be an adult actress and entertainer. Her favorite thing about the industry is that she can "fulfill men and women's wants." She has a tattoo on her right thigh which says: "too weird to live, too rare to die", suggesting that she marches to the beat of her own drum. When off the set, she enjoys activities like hiking and getting lost in the wilderness. She adores "creating relations with good people." She also stated, "in my free time, I like to play with girls." Her favorite movies are Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. She loves horror/thriller movies, specifically The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. She lost her virginity at 16 at a party with a friend. It was a guy she was crushing on and she told him that she wanted him to take her virginity. She was very reserved growing up and describes herself as "very much a prude." She got her start in the adult industry through Facebook: an agent hit her up through the social media platform. She has been modelling for most of her life. After awhile, she decided to give porn a try.

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more of Uma...she hot
2019-01-18 06:19
Joe Nation
Please give us more Uma! She is so sexy!!!
2018-07-03 12:51
More of her please!!  She's a babe!
2018-05-07 19:30
Plus, she's got a bangin' body and just loves to fuck and fuck some more (just take a look at the last 2/3 of "Converting My Sister." When she slides into reverse cowboy and then reclines to a near horizontal and arched back position, she's a perfect 10! Bree Mills should do a sequel to that long scene and show off the newly converted lesbian as a confirmed and DEDICATED heterosexual nymphomaniac. Hell, Bree, you could do a whole series on this conversion. A third version could be her pulling-a-train with 4-5 or 6 males pounding her in numerous positions. then she could run off to a convent and take on a priest, or maybe a couple of alter boys. Have fun with the conversion idea! But bring Uma back for more. And then some more. you get the idea.
2018-12-03 06:37
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